Which DAC is better?

I appreciate your input.
I am looking for a dac unit mainly for the usb port to connect to a computer.
The following brands are in my mind;
Arye QB9, Simaudio Moon 300D or Arcan fmj D33.
In the Arcan brochure they use a super usb so the sound is better. I am illiterate in computer or digital.
Mezmo, thank you for your well known knowledge. I will choose Arcam if the sound quality is same or better than QB9. Do you recommend any other DACs? Also I may have to learn more about digital terminology.
Can comment only on the qb-9. Its a really good dac on its price range, very musical.
If you want to spend maybe less, the DA-160 is a nice option.
I think all 3 choices are very good. Ayre happens to be my favourite in solid state electronics. Naturally, that would be my first choice. I've also had Arcam CD players. Both products sound great, but they are very different from each other. Arcam digital products are very listenable. They have a refined, polite sound that you can listen to all day. The Ayre is completely different. The sound is very liquid and pure. It has tons of resolution, as well. Some say it is analytical but I would disagree with that. For all its resolution, it is a very musical component. Given the vast difference in sound between them, I would strongly urge you to listen to both before making a decision. I am not that familiar with the Sim but if I had to guess, it would fall somewhere between the other 2.