Which is the best high end passive power filter?

Hi members, I am currently seriously researching the best passive power 8 point filters & would like to know firstly if there is a passive filter which unquestionably improves the sound of high end audio systems without strangling dynamics, or imparting a sonic "signature" of it's own? And secondly, as I live in Australia; is either available in Aust-spec, or is sold by a company which is likely to offer the board in that spec?

An obvious front runner at the moment is Shunyata's new Hydra 8v2 which offer the Hydra in Australa. I have heard the new model 8v2 is slightly better than the previous Vray which is a big wrap.

I should say I am sceptical about power filters. An audiophile friend of mine who happens to have owned a hifi store in Australia for more than 25 years said he never heard a power filter (in Australia) which didn't have a negative impact on the sound, including some very high gear including (from memory) a Burmester active filter, so I would need to be convinced to take the plunge.

So is the new Hydra 8v2 the best option, or maybe even a stretch to save for the new Vray v2?

(Thanks in advance for your ideas)
The Walker Audio Velocitor power conditioner is the best that I've heard. Jay Audio in Singapore will be your closest dealer, or you can work directly with Lloyd Walker in the U.S.

After pursuing this hobby for over 30 years, I agree completely with your friend. I'd never met a power conditioner that didn't do something negative in my system until I tried the Walker Velocitor. It makes a compelling improvement with no downside other than its rather substantial cost.

I've been trying his and am pretty impressed so far.
Hi Rushton, yeah I was actually looking at Lloyd's power filter & was impressed. He is a Mr Magoo-type character with some pretty unique and exceptional gear. His price all told is in the ballpark, so no problem there. My only query would be if he would be prepared to properly customise his standard US version to AU spec (incl: AU spec power outlets). I love his custom-made maple platform & valid points..no stone left unturned!
Melbguy1, take a look at my recent GON review of the Running Springs Dmitri AC conditioner for the details why it was signficantly better then two of the other pieces already mrntioned on your thread in my system.
Here are my recommendations:

1.Sound Applications Referance.The best IMO,I personally prefer it to the Walker's Velocitor.Much more quiter background..

2.My friend [using all tubes amplifications]really love the power wing made by Alan Krafton;http://www.audioexcellenceaz.com/powerwing.htm

I have borrowed it ,in my referance system,I still prefer The SA.BTW I use Alan's cable cooker and simply love it ,and Alan is such a wonderful man,just write to him.

3.Acoustic Revive Ultime ain't too bad either ,but I think not in the same class as the above too.

4.As far as Shunyata is concerned the Hydra v2 is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the original ,to my ears.The problem I have with Shunyata ...(and most power conditioners ),is it has a certain 'flavour'...add up its sonoc characteristic.It might not be a bad thing if your system need some flavouring,but they are not for me....

Following the Ashes,Mate?
Correction,The Shunyata Vray V2.haven't had thje chance to listen to Hydra V2 yet
Hi Melbguy,

I'm in Melbourne too. I would suggest you have a hard think about the requirement for Australian outlets on whatever you decide on. Most US manufacturers are happy enough to put an Aust. plug on their cords but the outlets on a conditioner is a big ask.

I don't know of any Aust. pattern AC outlet of remotely audio quality. (If you do please let me know so I can use one on my wall.)

My opinion - necessity dictates that Australian audiophiles go to all US connectors downstream of the conditioner.

Just get one Australian terminated cord from the wall to the conditioner.
06-28-09: Teajay,
Hi Teajay, yeah I got a response from Running Springs today & it would have been too time consuming/costly to reconfigure their US version to AU spec. The reason I require AU plugs is that i've got some AU spec hard-wired gear (lcd & dvd) which need to run into an AU spec filter, but thanks for the recommendation; they make great units!
06-29-09: Gtfour45, I'm starting to agree with your logic & thanks for the advice btw. Also thanks Fafalion and to others for your recommendations so far!
Thanks Fafafion and to others for your recommendations so far! Also fafafion, why did you prefer the SA to Alan's design in your system?

The Sound applications provide that little bit extra quietness,and that little extra holographic imaging,at least in my system....there is a caveat though,you have to pay a lot more to get that little extra;law of diminishing return in full glory here....

Like I mentioned earlier,write to Alon Krafton,he really is very knowledgeable.The main advantage of Powerwing is that it is customize to what you want,not unlike a bespoke suit;so it may 'fit' your system better....anyway if you haven't tried his Cable cooker[Audiodharma},i suggest you get that first.Everybody should have access to one IMO

Forget the Sound Application (which seems to be based on dated technology and still looks the same year after year). According to Norm (his moniker is Tbg in audiogon), the new king of plc's is the Tesla PowerCell. Norm has used Sound Application, Walker Velocitor, Acoustic Revive, Isoclean...et all, so his opinions are based on experience rather than hearsay. So save your bucks and try the much less expensive Powercell.

the Synergistic Research Tesla PowerCell

And if you want to rid of more noise, try the Troy Tripoint as reviewed below

Experiences with Tripoint Audio Apollo

Tripoint Troy: Can one live without a kidney?

I just hope the kidney can have a cheaper edition ;-)
I think the argument that a new technology is definitely better Is not true ;certainly not for hi-fi ,if not all of us will have digital amps and computer based players....how old is tube amp technology and Vinyl playback system anyway?

I can't form an opinion on the Tesla Power cell ,haven't had the chance to audition it yet,but even some people prefers the shunyata 's to Sound applications.....and I do not blame them.Like I say before some system certainly could sound better with a bit of flavouring.....

As for ME,I want my PLCs not to impart ANY flavor at all,so that the rest of the system could really shine true...in this regards,having tried MANY ,I have yet found something that could better the SA .Do I care if the technology is old?No,not at all....
For start, I think I can agree with you is that Shunyata is highly colored, and it's heyday as a leader in power conditioning products are quite over in some countries. As for Sound Application, check out what Tbg(Norm) has to say about it.

Sound Application line conditioner experience?

Reminds me of the never-ending upgrades of Power Enhancers by another brand. The next version is always better... ;-)
At least that brand doesn't really bite your wallet
Fafafion, I agree with your view that newest is not always best, and I must say Alan's products look impressive and he seems like a very knowledgable & decent guy. Thanks to everyone for your responses!
I had a good read up on the Running Springs company & their various models, in particular the Jaco. I can see why these guys don't bother with too much advertising and self-glorification. That company is the real deal & just do the business. Kudos to them.
Would anyone with experience with both the higher end RS filter AND Tesla Power Cell care to comment on their comparative audiophile performance? (I should state, in my case, I only need 8 outlets & it would be run on standard 240v/15 amp AU standard voltate - but with US pc's downstream). Which is the best for sound/unimpeded dynamics/black background for audio (mainly) and visual (secondary)?