Which of these SACD players would you choose?

Oppo BDP-80 (blu-ray, SACD, DVD Audio) - Retail $289

Pioneer Elite PD-D6-J (SACD) - Retail $499 on Sale for $229

I already have an Integra 6-disk CD player and a Samsung blu-ray player that would be replaced by the Oppo and obviously would stay with the Pioneer Elite.

It seems that there should be less compromise with the Pioneer Elite because of its retail price and the fact that it has fewer features. I have room in my entertainment center for another component, but would mind keeping it simple.

What are you thoughts?
The Pioneer PD-D6 has been reviewed favorably in the British press (HiFi News) and this month, the PD-D9 was in a CD player shoot-out and did quite well. The only real knock against the Pioneer has been that its treble can be a bit harsh on poorly recorded CDs, but its SACD performance is quite good.

I've "pulled the trigger" on the Elite based on the fact that it should have less compromises in design, has been reviewed well, I already have a blu-ray player and has several features that indicate that it's designers were working for quality. I guess we'll see, or hear.
My experience with a used Pioneer Elite DVD player (model DV-47A) was exceptional. It was used extensively & abused by my wife and kids in a family room setting for approx. 6 years before it finally crapped out. However, the Oppo I purchased new had very poor build quality and was returned within a few days of purchase due to several malfunctions. I don't understand the buzz about Oppo.
I respectfully disagree with Buconero. I bought a 595. Great price. Great service. Dull sounding. Instruments seemed mashed together. Sony was kind enough to take it back without question and paid shipping both ways. It might work for spmeone else but not for me. It's interesting about Pdreher's experience with Oppo quality. I haven't heard of anyone else who has problems. My BD-80 has worked flawlessly. The sound through the analog outputs is good but not great. I use it as a transport to a DAC. I hope the Elite works out for you. Happy listening!
No. Buconero is not a fool and I take offense at the post. Not everything works for everybody. This is a site where all opinions are welcome. For $60, some may find it a diamond in the rough. For others with the funds, it is not sufficient. Please be more kind. Oppo is not junk. I have owned 4 units and all have worked flawlessly and have met my expectations.
Don't have any of them, but looks like you made a good choice for the money, as this player is focused on audio. Here is the review:


enjoy and keep us posted on how you like the player. Good Luck.
Tonight I did a little comparison between my Integra CD player and the borrowed Pioneer SACD/DVD player. First, I compared a burned to the standard track on the SACD on the Integra to see if there was any difference, I didn't notice anything. When I'd switch from one to another it seemed like the "new" one was slightly better until I switched again. Next I forced the SACD player into standard mode and noticed a huge difference in soundstage between the two. The Integra has a much fuller and wider soundstage compared to the Pioneer that was more centered. With standard CDs, the Integra sounded better to me. When I compared the Integra with the SACD track on the Pioneer the soundstage was about the same, BUT with the added quality of the SACD it now sounded like it was happening live and very front and center. I found it interesting that the same soundstage difference was there but went from a negative to a positive with added fidelity. As a note, when I compared the standard CD versions, I swapped disks in the players to confirm that the burned version wasn't audibly different.

I find it hard to compare at time because my audible memory is pretty weak, but some things simply can't be missed.
I should probably clarify that the Integra CD player is connected to my Integra 50.1 receiver with a Toslink so the receiver is doing the d/a.
I compared the Integra CD player using an analog connection tonight and it sounded very similar to the borrowed pioneer. I wasn't expecting the two CD players that are different brands and ages to sound more similar than the Integra CD player compared to itself using digital and analog connections. It seems the Integra 50.1 receiver must be using a different D/A converter to yield such a different sound. I'm not sure which one give the sound that is the closest to what was intended in the recording.
Without question given its chip set, I would recommend the Oppo BDP-80, not the SE. I have a modified unit done by John Tucker of Exemplar and have never heard such outstanding reproduction of sacds. It also does HDCDs and they also are the best I have heard.
I think maybe you mean the 83, Norm? (i.e., not the 80) Too bad all of Oppo's numbers begin with an 8!

Re the Oppos and quality: the 83 is my 3rd over 3 years, and the quality/reliability of all of them has been outstanding. I have also found their customer service to be exemplary.
"How many hours on Integra VS Pioneer?" - The Pioneer is probably over 8 years old and the Integra is fairly new. I'm not sure why that matters as they nearly sound the same. The biggest difference is from going from Integra analog to Integra digital. I wouldn't think that a D/A converter changes with use?

As for the Oppo products, I've seen a lot of recommendations for Oppo, but many of them are linked to modified units. Seems similar to telling someone you prefer Camaro's over Mustang's, and then clarifying that you have a Camaro modified by Lingenfelter Performance.

The Oppo 80 would have been an excellent option for me, but I think the Elite will serve my needs/wants better. The placebo effect of knowing that it was designed for 2 channel audio will make it sound excellent I'm sure. I likely won't ever get to do a side by side with an Oppo so I'll be fat dump and happy for a long time.
My new Pioneer Elite PD-D6-J Super Audio CD Player arrived this afternoon and was waiting for me on the porch. The SACD version of Norah Jones' Come Away With Me was in the mailbox to complete the evening experience. Bottom line, it sounds wonderful.

The soundstage is similar to my Integra and the borrowed SACD player using analog cables, but sounds much better across the board.

The improvement in sound quality on regular CDs is enough that my wife can't deny hearing it. Obviously, the sound of the SACDs is, again, simply wonderful.

My EE friend that's very much into music and audio equipment stopped by for a demo and commented that it sounds very close to the smoothness of vinyl without the "hiss" that is ofter associated with it. Neither one of has the resources or interest to get vinyl where it would sound better than this, but I'm sure that it can be done.

On the first listen through Norah Jones CD I've already heard things that I couldn't hear before. There are things that have definition that my previous setup with Infinity IL-50 speakers and Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver just left sounding similar to the analog vinyl "hiss."

I'm happy!
Anyone in the market for a CD player should consider this unit. It is simply amazing. All of the standard CDs that I have played have given me something new to hear. The ones that are SACD just go another step beyond.

Lucky for all of you I'll be gone camping for the next few days or you might just have to read post after post about this thing.
"The Pioneer is probably over 8 years old and the Integra is fairly new. I'm not sure why that matters as they nearly sound the same. "
For some reason I thought you were comparing the new Pioneer to Integra that already had some hours on it. The reason I asked for hours is, based on my personal experience, electronics do take some time to stabilize (speakers, even more). And I did not want you to take a decision based on couple of hours of equipment "burn-in". But since it not the newer equipment, my question does not mean anything.
But I am glad you liked the new Pioneer. I think you should post a pic of your system along with the new player :-) Enjoy your music.
Mceljo, John Marks say about the album you used in your evaluation, "Perhaps I first should have consulted my horoscope in the local newspaper. But I can't imagine what it could have said that might have warned me off. So, in blissful ignorance, I went to the local big-box consumer-electronics chain retailer and laid down my lettuce. I thought I was buying the SACD version of Norah Jones' Come Away With Me (Blue Note 5 41472 8), but, by the end of the affair, I felt I'd gotten The Royal Scam."

Hmm, I won't dispute what the article says on the Norah Jones CD, but it wasn't the only CD used for comparison. I think it does sound better in the SACD format, but it isn't a significant difference. I'll listen a little more carefully next time and see what I think now that my perception it tainted a bit.

It'll be later today as I'll be listening to tunes while watching Nascar...repetitive turning left makes for a great opportunity for listening to music.
After another A/B comparison of the song Come Away With Me I can agree that there isn't a significant difference in sound, but there are a few characteristics in the music that the SACD has the edge on. An example is the soft percussion instruments at the very end are a bit more clear and defined. It's possible that the difference that I'm nearing is essentially negated when played on John Marks system where the CD DAC is worth 14 times what the SACD player is.

What I did notice, was a nice improvement in standard CD playback from my blu-ray player and Integra multi-disk to my new Pioneer. It's not subtle.