Which Power Amp to buy

Hello all,
I am looking for a budget amp to buy for my MMGs. I took a look around and found these used amps that are in my price range:

Conrad-johnson Sonographe SA-250
Mccormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe
Yba 3aDT
Classe CA101
Classe CA100
Odyssey Designs Stratos
Mccormack DNA-1

Aes/Cary Super Amp AE-25
Audio research VT 60
Consonance Ella 50 watt x 2

Which is the top performer in the list? I usually dont listen to music loud and I mostly listen to Jazz, maybe a little rock. My room is not big at all (actually a college dorm room). I am not too sure if I should buy a tube amp since I like my music a little on the bright side, I like to hear a lot of datails. I would really like a clean sounding amp, with great midrange, I am not too worried about bass since I will be buying a subwoofer soon.

What are your suggestions?

The top performer in the list?
Mccormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe
Plus, don't pay too much and it's just money in the bank.
You have listed many fine choices. However, one of the best sounds I got out of my magnepan 1.6 speakers came from a vintage luxman R117 receiver. You could probably get by with the R115 (70/ch) especially for your needs. At $100-150 on ebay. You have little to lose and can always put it back up for sale. The R117 is $200-300 and is harder to come by. Save a small fortune and buy a good CD player and use the CD bypass to go directly to the amp section.
Based on your preferences, you couldn't go wrong with either of the McCormacks.
I agree with Steve; looking over the list I'd go with a McCormack, probably the DNA-1, for driving the baby Maggies.

Curse that MMG. The damn things should be outlawed, says I.

Dealer who loses sales to the Maggie MMG. Arrrrgh.
I owned the McCormack, great amp but had BAT SS and it was a noticeable improvement....used VK200 and VK500 don't cost a lot of money....the company supports it product.
Having owned the sa250 and the mmg I really liked this combination. Try and find the sc26 matching pre and you've got a fantastic budget rig.
I have a CJ MF-200 which would fit your budget. I will be selling soon. I have had the Stratos and a McCormack DNA .5 in my system. I liked the CJ better and I sold those other amps. The McCormack came close but didn't have as warm mids and upper bass. The Stratos was too foward and analytical for my taste. The CJ is surprisingly very detailed with out it being thrown at you and the high end is very extended without being bright or soft.
Thanks for all the replies, it is very helpful.
It seems from majority that I should go with one of the McCormack DNA amps.
I guess that the Odyssey was not as great as all the hype made it out to be when it just came out. I was hoping that some would suggest the Classe CA100 or 101, I really love how those amps look, I would buy one just to look at it. But sound is more important than looks so the McCormack it is.

Thanks all
The Classe is suppose to also be a very good amp. I think it is darker sounding than either the CJ or McCormack, from what I have read, I haven't heard it. This may be a good or bad this depending on the rest of your system, preamp, CD, cable, etc.