Which processor/preamp....

Which/what to buy is my question.What I want to do is buy 2 active speakers and a processor/preamp to join with a Sharp 42" TV.I dont want 5 or 7 channels,just two.Would like to spend 400$ tops.Would appreciate a couple of choices,thanks,Bob
what other requirements do you have... connectivity? latest codecs? i'm sure you'll get many helpful replies from the good folks here, but the more information you provide, the more useful you may find the advice.

if you're ok with older gear, the meridian 565 and theta casanova both offer excellent 2 channel performance. if you're considering active speakers, an all meridian setup might make a lot of sense.

good luck!
Are you adding a subwoofer to the mix? Do you need HDMI for audio or just for video? How are you connecting your audio, digital or analog?

If you don't need HDMI for audio but still want processing, this may do the trick. I understand that it performs very well for 2-channel as well as multichannel and of course bass management.


What would be the purpose of a pre/pro for 2 channel unless you want to use the onboard dacs ??? Please splain.
Just curious why the active speakers? I'd think you'd have more options and probably save some $$$ by getting a decent $400 HT receiver from Pioneer, Denon, Onkyo, etc. and passive speakers -- no? And at that price level I doubt the receiver will take up much more space than a pre/pro so you're still looking at one box. Again, just wondering.
Hi Bob,

If you're looking at active speakers plus a preamp for $400, I'm not sure you can hit your target. The reason why I say that is because the speakers typically sold here on audiogon that are active are generally pretty pricy and are few and far between. If your absolute budget is $400 and you want active speakers, then you may want to see DJ-style active speakers on ebay.

The only other option that I can think of is computer/desktop monitor speakers that would be active speakers. At that point, you have KEF, JBL, and Paradigm as your choices that immediately come to mind. You'd have to find them used, as the speakers along top your budget.

In terms of preamps, look to NAD. They make great 2-channel preamps that are stellar. I had one that I sold only when I upgraded to multichannel preamps.

Good luck with your search.
If you only want 2-channel, you don't even need a processor. Most TV has audio out. You can just connect that to your active speakers and you are done.
Thanks for all your help guys.I have a Sharp 42 LCD about a year old but Im not sure I can plug in the active speakers and be done though I would like to.The audio outs are throwing me for some reason???I will do more investigating.Im not sure the TV has an amp to drive passives either.I will read more of your ideas and report back again,thanks alot,Bob
You are not going to get anything good, I would look for something used, Do you need HDMI switching? The advice above is probably the best look at sound bars for $400 you will not get anything great but it will be much better and have the righ processing for current TV content.