Which SILVER cables sound best?

My thread, entitled "Stealth, Homegrown, PSS", unfortunately got deleted. What are your experiences with silver cables & how do the different brands compare? What is your opinion on small gauge, multiple conductors vs. larger, solid core conductors?
Properly made silver cable sounds awwwwsome! Most silver cables in the market sound bright. Try Audio Note cables....clearly the best ever made IMHO.
Once again, I use the Homegrown Super Silvers as analog IC's in my system and they have plentiful bass, detail and are smooth instead of being bright. They also balance very nicely and have done so with the past two sets of speakers that I have used. They are a solid core design. As we heard before the Homegrown Silver Lace is said to out perform the Super Silver's, as it should at $100.00 additional from the same maunfacturer. The Silver Lace is, I beleive, a stranded design. The only other silver IC's that I have demoed in my system are the Kimber KCAG and the PBJ. In my system the Homegrown Super Silver's are more musical than either of the Kimbers. The Kimbers also displayed a rather anoying glare when used in my SS system and were not a good match. I do use Kimber speaker cable however (4VS) and like its even/neutral balance. I do like the sound of silver very much but also use other IC's as well. I use a Mapleshade Double Helix digital IC (micro wire design) and also alternate the Homegrown's with Harmonic Tech Truthink IC's. Using both is almost like having two different sets of speakers, or amps, etc. as the IC's really alter the sound of the system. The Homegrown's are peppier and a little more forward sounding and the Truthlink's are very warm and mellow, yet detailed as they place you a little farther from the music. I have also tried the more expensive HT IC's that are silver coated copper and prefer the less expensive Truthlink's in my system as the other was a little too bright for my taste. As I am sure that you already know, you really need to audition any cable with your equipment if at all possible before purchasing. Some companies offer a 30 day return and there are also other companies such as The Cable Co. that will allow home trials on new and used cables from many manufacturers, though you will need to pay for the cable to do so and then be credited for it upon return.
If money is no object, try Acoustic Zen silver ICs. For real world I like Silver Audio Hyacinth $275 or HT ProSilway 11 $399 new. Both are superior to Kimber Silver Streak or KCAG, which sound hard and bleached in comparison. Kimber has much more expensive reference line which are probably much better sounding. I have not heard the much cheaper homegrown audio ICs
I have not compared them, but from the pictures PSS looks like the same design as Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4 with cheaper RCA connectors. You should contact Cable Co. and arrange to hear some ICs in your system, comments here are too general to be of much use for how it would sound in your individual system.
try DHLabs- not as overly bright when broken in-and inexpensive-I used the q-10 and made my Paradigm Reference 110v2 sound much better
Anyone compare Acoustic Zen to Siltech FTM-4 Sg G3" ic or cable below this one (lists for $1100)? I thought Siltech FTM-4 I borrowed from the Cable Co was almost like no cable at all in the signal path.
Dekay, did the Homegrown silver cables make the sound "brighter"? I've never tried silver cables because of this tendancy that I've heard of.