Who is planning to buy the oppo-95 and...?

I plan to get the oppo-95 and use the analog inputs into my nakamichi avr. How would I do bass mgmt with this? Any suggestions overall?

Joe in Mobile
Within the player, assuming it works the same as other BD players. That's how I manage bass with an '83 and an all-analog 6-channel preamp.
Cant you program how stereo input signals are hamdled as far as telling speakers its a full range signal? I can have seperate settings for stereo and surround, like full range for stereo and crossovers and such for surround, sub or no sub with large speakers and such also. I can on Rotel, Lexicon and Anthem units. If yours wont allow it that would suck.
My system allows for separate settings. I just thought I was missing something whenI read about lack of bass management with analog inputs.

Joe in Mobile
Around $900 for the oppo-95 ,I hear and I think I am gonna pick one up when they become available in February.
Is it just me or is Oppo seem like less and less of a bargain? Used to be a few years ago they were putting out great products at a seemingly cheap price, at near $1000 its a little blurry now.
I've always thought of a bargain as something that has extraordinary performance for any particular price. I don't think any of us knows what the performance of the 95 will be yet. If it's significantly better than others in the $1000 price range, I will personally consider it a bargain; which is different than saying whether I can afford it or not.
I put my reservation in to Oppo and will buy the BDP-95.
Oppo is not stupid. They know what their up against and you
can bet your sweet bippy they voiced the unit to compete against the top universal players from Lexicon,Ayre,Denon,
Marantz and McIntosh. It weighs six pounds more than previous models. A much larger power supply and transformer
and the worlds best DAC's, the SABRE32 ESS9018's. Their wholesale cost for the two DAC chips is $ 78.00. JUST BUY IT! It also has a new transport that is better built and dead quiet. Its a whole new design from the ground up. A STEAL!!
OPPO is changing direction IMO. I think they see the money they can make by marking things up in the hi end audio world. I have moved on...
I think you are onto something there Sthomas and the water gets murky real quick in that end of the hobby.
I don't understand the changing direction comment. Oppo continues improving their products, and one can still get "in" at $499. And look at one gets for that amount of money; to say nothing of the 30 day trial and the great customer service. I personally think the higher-end product is a bonus for those who "just" something better. The price of the 95 will still be a long way from many much more expensive products in this category.

I have not connection to Oppo. I just think they provide great value at any given price point.
When both of the CRT'S die, I'll go all out. The '95 will one of the items I get. BK & MD offer the cheeseburger as an upgrade to hamburgers. Better products cost more and they have to compete to stay above ground.
I don't think OPPO is necessarily changing directions. You can still buy their non-Blu Ray universal players at very inexpensive prices and their quality is considerably above the usual suspects, such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, etc.

While their universal Blu Ray players are about $100-$150 more than the consumer grade Sony's, Samsung's, LG's, and Panasonics--they also provide better visuals and sonics.

With the new 3D OPPO BDP 93 that is also a universal Blu Ray with internet connections, you definitely are paying $100-$150 nore for considerably better performance. I imagine when the OPPO BDP 95 arrives at around $900 in March, it will be comparable to a Marantz 9400, which costs around $5,000.
My Oppo BluRay offered a good picture but nothing remarkable about the sound. It sounds good but its not anything outstanding or game changing at all. My player was a good value but it didnt cost near $1000 either, at that price there will be some competition unless they really stepped up there game, time will tell.
I just paid for my 95 which I will pick up next week. They received very few units for early shipment and are prepping those units now.

In reference to a comment above, according to Oppo, the 95 does not use a new transport but is a complete redesign from previous models.

I have some Wilson Watt Puppies and have listened to the Oppo 83 and the 83 SE. The 83 SE sound is more resolved but cooler. I will post my reaction to the 95 next week.
Is it me or ?, why are people buying/selling 83SE for prices approx $100-$200 below the new projected price of the 95
What would be the things to consider in determining if the 93 or the 95 is the right player for my mid/low-fi system (Rotel receiver, B&W LCR's up front, 2-velodyne spl-10 subs)?

I run analog 5.1 into the receiver from my Samsung BDP-20 (I hate this DVD player -- it is hit/miss on loading cds, and has some issues w/DVDs).

I use the dvd player 80% movies, 20% music.
Admranger, I have the BDP 83SE and use it 80/20 movies like you and run analogue 2.1/5.1 and it beats my Onkyo Pre pro digital by a good margin. I am waiting to buy the 95 model in which the analogue is beefed to a better processing chip and Rotel power supply. It also incorporates QUED video processing. A well rounded, better machine.

Regards Bacardi

If you are running analog now, that's a good fit for the 95. Just be sure the Rotel has an analog bypass to ensure it doesn't redigitize signal. If it does, either upgrade reciever or stick with the 93.

I assume your Rotel receiver doesn't handle HDMI, otherwise a single HDMI cable would seem preferable to six analog RCAs for 5.1, especially given your 80/20 movie bias. If you don't care about lossless codecs, can't you use a single RCA digital or Toslink for 5.1? I thought the Oppo 95 was aimed at those who preferred analog output for music, and that only its analog differs from the $500 BDP 93. I notice the OP is using an AVR. Maybe that's the component to upgrade. Or have you been bitten by the jitter bug supposedly associated with HDMI?

Just ordered an Oppo BDP 95. Should receive it by Tuesday next week. Can't wait to hear blu ray movies with my rig. Had an Oppo 83SE and hoping the power supply upgrades, better chipset and XLR's will be beneficial to the sound / video.

Regards Bacardi
The video is excellent; every time I put on a disc to watch a part of a movie, I get so engrossed that I typically end up watching the rest of the movie through the end.
"can't you use a single RCA digital or Toslink for 5.1?"

I believe these are considered inferior connection paths compared to full set of 5.1 analogs or HDMI, even for downmixed output.

"I thought the Oppo 95 was aimed at those who preferred analog output for music, and that only its analog differs from the $500 BDP 93."

It's very much more than that. You may wish to check currently available reviews and intercomparisons.

That said, the BDP-93 sure looks like a good value, esp with used prices headed south.
The receiver does not handle HDMI so I have been running 5.1 analog direct (no processing by the receiver) so the blu-ray player does the coding.

I am looking for a new blu-ray player as the Samsung BDP20 gives me fits from time to time. Seems like the Oppo 95 is the one to get. It'll be on my Christmas list.

While it would be nice to upgrade from a receiver to separates, but that's not happening anytime soon. When it does, it'll be a Anthem 50v, most likely.