Whom to invite to a Powercord shootout party

I have ordered 2 of the new PS Audio P5 conditioners and plan to use one each for my Monoblocks (each one on a different circuit). While I upgrade powersource, I will also need 4 new cords; 2x for P5 into the wall, and 2x between Mono's and P5. I am planning to do an in house shootout between what I currently have and one or two cords I am hoping to pick up on A'gon reasonably priced

What I have in house now are:

JP Cables Maximum Gold (very heavy gauge, but cheap cable)
PS Audio AC-12
Gutwire B12
I also just bought one Synergistic Research Precision AC

I am willing to buy one more contender in the $500 used price range for the shootout. Whichever cable wins I'll need to get four of.

Any recommendation for a cable in this price range for a high current application? It has to be a cable that is easy to buy and sell with minimal loss - so not the real esoteric stuff.
The JPS labs power cables are great bang for the buck in your price range. I use Power AC cords on my monoblocks, the Digital on my transport and DAC, and the Analog on my pre-amp and turntable.

Check out Lessloss original (about 350-400 used) and Wywires Juice II (329 new). Both are excellent in every way and the more cables used, the better the sound.
How about Signal? I "inherited" a Signal PC w/ an unexpected amp purchase, and as much as I don't put much faith in a PC being the end-all/be-all I have been pleasantly surprised with how simply useful that big snake has been. The price is more than right for your comparison and of course I double-dog-dare you to be able to tell the difference during RBT (really blind...).
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I'd like to see the MAC (My Audio Cables) Burly Power cord added to this shootout. I've physically handled this power cord and it was pretty beefy to me. I didn't add it to my system due to the cost and I don't think my gear warrants such a beefy power cord.

Have fun with the shoot out.
Only a serious person would but quickly get to the Home Depot and purchase the lowest price powercord for use as a reference point. My guess is, base on prior such tests, that few will be able find any measurable sound improvement by using the high priced cords. Are you using the gold standard of a double blind test?
I agree, Buconero, the HD cord will more than suffice for any application. Spending %500+ for a power cord is just plain foolish.

I was in the PC = Snakeoil camp until I tried the PS audio ac-12 which really worked. No double blind tests so it is entirely possible this is all just the figment of my imagination. Even if this is the case I'm quite happy in my delusional world of high grade powercords and stillpoints.
Pangea AC-9, steal of a price, good quality. I dare anyone to double blind the pangea with any other cord and be able to honestly hear a difference.

I dare you to be honest with yourself. double blind test them with your ears only and your best source material.
There are people who believe that because they can't hear something that nobody else can either. As I recall, hearing acuity varies from person to person, although some people choose to ignore this.
I think you really need to add a Shunyata to your list. You might be able to find a used Black Mamba CX for $500.00
I just ordered a pair of Mojo XPC-7 (30 day trial) and that will be the final contender in the lineup. I like to idea of having three different design principles represented: (Ribbon, Active Shielding and regular cable)
I recommend the CH Acoustic X-10 (Special) available here: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?powrcabl&1305130636&/CH-Acoustic-X-10-Modified

The HZ Crown Jewel sold as the ultimate upgrade with the Running Springs Dmitri power conditioner is actually the X-15 licensed to Running Springs.

I run a full loom of the CH Acoustic X-20 line. It's the best that I've found.

Here is what happened. I had set up my new PS audio P5's conditioners in a convenient (temporary) location behind my Monoblocks for the shootout. I had run my class A Monoblocks a few days non stop to burn in the P5's. The first time I swapped a powercable (I had the Mojo XPC-7 connected and switched to the AC-12) for comparison, my Monoblock blew up. As it turned out they had overheated and melted a fuseholder and shorted. I ended up being without the Mono's for weeks and during that period set up the P5's in their permanent location, burried behind my audio rack, and too far away for the 1 meter AC-12's to reach my poweramps. Also, when I got the Mono's back the 30 day trial period on the XPC-7s had expired. As a result I then decide not to bother with a shootout and just keep the XPC-7. By the time I had my monoblocks back, my P5s in my system and the new cables in my system, I had no idea what change made what impact on SQ. I decided not to worry about it and just assume the XPC-7s are probably good cables (they better be fr $800 a piece). Oh well....
The party is over. I have $5K worth of powercables in my system, by most people's standards (i.e. the 99%) enough to get me admitted to a mental institution.

The only holdout are the two cables from the wall to my two PS audio conditioners/regenerators. I am using cheap (but very heavy gauce) cables for this application, because I refuse to accept that this would make a big difference, because the power is regenerated anyway. Of course, everyone on the PS audio forum is telling the opposite. May-be one day I'll get my hands on a pair of additional (short) PCs to try this out (I briefly inserted an AC-12 when I still had just one Powerplant Premies and heard no difference).
You're wasting your time. A cable that performs well in one system might be awful in another. The winner of the shootout may very well come out at the bottom in your system.
Give a look to Cullen cables. Affordable. Made in California. Rick Cullen's kid. I bought a C7 from him. Well made/works great.
Check out Triode Wire Labs. Great cables at a reasonable price - an unlikely combination by most audio standards, but it is true :)
Signal Cable Silver Resolution AC terminated with Onix Silver AC and IEC Plug. Yummy clarity for my Tube Amp.
So the RSA Crown HZ is really a X-15? Will try the HZ on my ASR if you think it is worth it Chuck.
Have you tried ETI's express ac power enhancing cable? there was a review on it i read on StereoTimes, i'll see if i can find the link...



They are apparently really good. I'm wanting to get one for my Pioneer LX70 home theatre receiver, but waiting till i get a bit more cash first.