Why doesn't it sound that great???

My system has been in storage for about 5 years. I just recently set it all back up and am now replacing parts. The speakers VMPS Tower II,s. got 7 new drivers, the cd player sony es...got replaced with new Rotel changer, the amps a pair of NAD 2700's are vertically biamped. The preamp is new Linn Kolector. Trying different IC's now and to me the sound is too edgy in the midrange and upper end.
The room isnt that large and I am testing with the controls flat. Some tweaking with the speaker controls and preamp controls does take the edge off. Where next?
What has changed is your listening preferences, not the system. It appears you now are ready to relax and enjoy the music. Would a new system be in order???
Don't know how long you've been playing the sys -- but 7 new drivers need a little time to settle in. When that's done (~100 hrs tops), you'll need to carefully place the spkrs in the small room. It takes time to get it right (sort of). Aim for midbass energy.
Then you can check on the equip.
After more testing the problem as been discovered....more tweeters are failing to tweet. They will be replaced asap
and back to the good sounds.