Why no love for Apple Music?

I’m back in the audiophile game after a few years off. Things have changed quite a bit.  I’ve been listening to CDs, streaming my own CD rips via Audirvana, and playing Apple Music.  I’ve been really impressed by Apple Music and the catalog they have. Just about everything is available lossless and they have a lot of albums that are high-res.  But reading posts here, it seems like everyone is using Tidal or Qobuz.  Why?   Why are those platforms getting the love while Apple Music seems to run in last place here?  

I’m really curious because I’m all in on digital as my source and love the convenience of streaming.  And interested in having the highest quality source at the same time.  Thanks!


One main reason I can think of is Qobuz and Tidal had lossless streaming first and people see no reason to change now. Also, many use Roon and only Qobuz and Tidal integrate. Psychologically, Apple is a technology/marketing company while the others are music providers so they must be able to do it better than Apple.

I did a trial of Apple Music and could never get resolution above 24/88 and I could actually hear the difference on Qobuz using 24/96 or  higher file playback. On my LUMIN device the Apple Music would not display the artist, resolution and other things that I like. YMMV. I agree with poster BH

Just flat and no dynamic range. Their "lossless" is all marketing. Try something better like Qobuz, even Amazon HD is better in my opinion.

I’ll try Amazon HD.  I don’t believe Apple lossless is just marketing hype.  It reads as lossless at the DAC or high res when available and sounds really good — not compressed at all.  Even when comparing to CDs that I have.

Do I need a separate streamer for Amazon HD?

I prefer ripped CDs because I've bought just about everything that I want to listen to. But I suggest you audition all three services yourself and find out what's what, they all give free trials. However everyone says Qobuz is best but I've only tried Tidal. It was great for the car but not my main system.

Because Apple music pretty much  requires a dirty computer.   

Yuchhh. They do not cooperate with network players.

Apple Music runs perfectly on an iPad with the Lightening to USB adapter. Auto sample rate, clean battery power nice screen . works to 24/192 flawlessly. Much better than on a computer! The sound quality for me is no different than my 10,000 server through its USB port into my 10,000 DAC. I love it, great interface and filled with music for 10 bucks a month!

Thanks, all.  I’ve been listening to Apple Music via my iPad mini and IMHO it sounds great.  I’m also listening to Amazon HD and trying out Tidal.  As to SQ, it’s really hard to hear big differences, although they definitely output at different levels making it impossible to A-B test it. All have lossless and high res albums/tracks to choose from. As far as interfaces go, I think Amazon is my favorite.  Just picked up a Bluesound Node and really curious to compare it to the iPad.  I’m pulling for the Node so I can get rid of the USB cable running to my listening position.