Why no professional reviews of Evolution Acoustic

I see so many reviews of speakers in stereophile and absolute sounds but no reviews of the excellent Evolution Acoustic MM3 or MM2 speakers.

A wonderful full range speaker with powered woofer and yet instead we get Wilson magico and the other usual big audiophile speaker companies

how about some reviews of great small USA company full range speakers and maybe a comparison of the pros/cons of powered woofer speakers versus conventional unpowere speakers!
Agreed, I would like to see reviews of Evolution. From what I read they would stack up favorably.
I gave the MM3 Writers Choice product of the year award at PFO. Granted it's not a full review but I was as positive as I dared be for a product not in my possession long term.

scroll down about 2/3 way on the page.
I don't know how many dealers stock the Evolution Acoustic loudspeakers but Stereophile may not yet be able to review them because of their "5+ dealer rule".

I think the answer might have more to do with the 6 large heavy crates for a pair of 575 pound speakers, $1200+ shipping two ways and the fact that the first 9 months to 1 year production was all sold out. also; the speaker is so room adjustable that it also likely would require the designer to travel to set them up for a review to insure optimal performance. it's not plug and play like many speakers.

all that is a huge commitment for a small start-up company so i doubt that a 'professional' review (whatever that might actually be) was pursued much.
Mikelavigne is pretty much correct. It is a sizable investment for a large system. As Mike has stated, you have the cost of shipping 1900 lbs (MMThree) or 1300 lbs (MMTwo) to the reviewer as well as the cost of return shipping. There is also the cost of the 2 roundtrip flights if only one person goes out, one to fly out for setup and another to properly break down the system for return, the hotel, rental car, etc. Also Kevin hates to fly and driving cross country would be out of the question. I would do it, but Kevin is really better at setup than I am and virtually anyone else I know.

All that being said, we would still do it, but the pair that would be used would generally have to be the engineering pair which is used daily for building new loudspeakers. To build another pair of loudspeakers and take the necessary time for break-in is very consuming and we really do not have that luxury.

Mike mentions that the speakers are not plug-n-play, which is only partially true. They are no different than any other loudspeakers when you use the factory flat settings, but to get the best out of them, you really want to measure them and adjust the settings for your specific room.

I think there is plenty of information available from show reports and owners who have made comparisons with other speakers they have owned. Really no different than any other speaker in regards to information available.

Well, now that I went through that lengthy explanation, there will be a review upcoming. The MMTwo loudspeakers have been with a reviewer for quite some time and you should be seeing it this year.

Jonathan Tinn
Evolution Acoustics

PS. Metralla: There are plenty of dealers that carry the loudspeakers. It would not go against Stereophile's rule.
Am glad to hear a profession review is forthcoming for such a fabulous speaker in my humble opinion.

I bought this speaker rather than the Wilson maxx latest edition and feel it's better to my ears and my wallet
Let's just hope that whoever reviews the MMTwo's performs measurements as you never know what they mind find. Look at what John Atkinson uncovered in the latest issue of Stereophile; a corked bat!
How about these reports (reviews):




Jonathan Tinn
Evolution Acoustics
Radioheadokplayer.... Congrats on your EA's! I owned the Wilson Maxx 3's prior to my MM2's. I have to say that the MM2's run circles around the Maxx 3's. With the infinite adjustability of the EA's we were able to dial them into my problematic room. Haven't looked back since.

Happy listening!

I believe E-zine Positive Feedback will be reviewing a pair this year (which may be the publication that Jtinn is alluding to) and David Robinson always pens a detailed and IMHO an honest review so stay tuned...
PS. Metralla: There are plenty of dealers that carry the loudspeakers. It would not go against Stereophile's rule.
OK Jonathan, thanks for that info. I'm pleased they are getting out there.

Kudo's Jonathan. I'm so pleased to see that you received some excellent coverage of your beautiful speakers. James Darby, by the way, gave good coverage to the i-fi chair in Denver. I guess there are some reviewers that listen with their ears and can tell good sound and that aren't afraid to write about it when they come across it. I know that the big boys get all the great reviews but this year just could be the year. Tell Kevin to keep playing the trombone and tell Mike that he should have called me. I call you and reload for this year after some smoke clears.

Not a review but Bob Levi (Positive Feedback) gave Jonathan's room at The Show "best of show by a very wide margin." He was using the MM 2's.

Thanks all for the kind words!

Frank, I wish I had more time to sit and listen with you in the room.