Why nobody uses McIntosh with Vandersteen?

Is it a classic mismatch or what? I mean nobody recommends Vandys for Mac and vice versa. I love both brands but if I buy Vandersteen 3A Signature I'll have to start looking for amps. I once tried hooking up 6900 to 3A Sig's and on 4Ohms the sound was dead while on 8 Ohms it was alive but thin. Is it the autoformers?
I don't see why it wouldn't be compatible. Contact Richard vandersteen see what he says. I wouldn't go with a dealers recommendation as they are usually bias to what they sell.
My local dealer tells me that I need to get away from my McIntosh Pre/pro and amps since he doesn't sell them. But he has plenty of McIntosh in his private system. But I fully understand as I sell cars and trucks for a liveing and beleive me you don't want to buy what i don't sell!
There is a lot of debate on the autoformer. Some say it is a muffler that dissipates the signal and others say that is it the best thing to put between the amplifier section and your speakers as it absorbs the radical changes in resistance as music plays. Personnaly I am sure there are much better amps for the money but I love mine and plan to keep them. I know this if I want to upgrade I can re-coup a larger percentage of my investment. The "thin" sound could be as simple as a cable brand. Call Audio Classics and talk with them as well as vandersteen and get their opinion they have a great team of McIntosh people there that love to help.
Thanx Theo but it's not only the dealers - when was the lats time you read about a great Mac/Vandy combo here or on any other message board? Mac owners use B&W, JBL, Tannoy, Sonus Faber etc but never Vanersteen while Vandersteen owners use Krell, Audio Research etc.
I use Revel, but I don't see where it is relevant. I guess I have never looked for the combo here, but it doesn't mean it doesn't excist. I really think you should contact Audio Classics and Richard Vandersteen. If you already have Mc amps and like the sound, I am willing to bet that you will be happy with them driving Vandersteens. Personnaly I have never cared for the Vandersteen speakers, but it has nothing to do with Mc amps. I think they work in certain enviroments, just never appealled to me. My dealer has tried to get me interested but I just never heard what I want to hear. I have a close friend that loves his 2's, he drives them with Yamaha and Adcom.
He wants to upgrade his amp and tells me he would like a Mc amp but his wife gets involved and it all stops there.
I think at one time Cherry Creek Audio in Denver sold both McIntosh and Vandersteen, I am sure they must have sold some systems with both.
Just a guess--the Vandersteens have a very pleasant, forgiving sound (not really my words but those of many who I've attended shows with), and MAC has the same sort of sound. So the thinking might be that together they would not be revealing enough.
While I can understand that basic thinking, I don't necessarily agree. Tubes are considered softish,but more revealing perhaps than the Mac Solid State, like the 6900.
As to the Autoformers, I couldn't say, even though I attended the McMasters Training in their bustling metropolis!lol
On the taps for the loudspeakers, I know exactly what you mean, it makes one wish there was a 6 ohm tap.
THIEL's sound good with MAC--as they ARE forward to some folks, (not all, for sure). It may be, as you said a classic mismatch.
This is one reason why, in developing loudspeakers, I used the Halcro (very low, low, low distortion, but in some opinions, dry (I've even heard some say amusical), then Grypon, then a 10 year old Receiver from Harman Kardon.
Admittedly, I didn't try the Mac, it may be that it's just 'soft' enough to be a mismatch.
The good news is, you've got lots of options.
Good luck,

"Mac owners use B&W, JBL, Tannoy, Sonus Faber etc"

McIntosh MC501 monoblocks with Wilson Sophia II's here (4 ohm), no thin problems.

Isn't the "feature" of the Autoformer is to make the amp is compatible with more speakers?
It may have to do with the brand mix that retailers tend to cary. The Vandy dealer near me also sells Audio Reseach. That is their choice for a ultimate high end system, so allot of people end up getting this match. A good match it is, imo. I don't own Vandys (but would if i could own them all) , but would not want anything other than Audio Research.

Funny u mention Mac and S-Faber (Sumiko)- those have become Magnolia Hi-Fi brands that are mainly sold to yo-yos who took out giant home mortgages and went shopping for the most expensive thing at the local mall down the street. Not really the best sounding, but non the less, two brands that get hooked up allot.
Antonkk : I find your remark, “nobody recommends Vandy’s for Mac and vice versa,” somewhat exaggerated and, quite frankly, uninformed. You make this statement as if it were an axiom, which it isn’t. I, for one, own Vandy’s 3A Signatures powered by a MC 7270, a Cary tube pre-amp, coupled by Purist wires. To me, in my room (35X25) it sounds glorious. Is there a bit of a bloom? Certainly, but then again I happen to be partial to such a bloom as opposed to the sharp, direct-attack, forward, in-your-face presentation that some ss amps can generate. It’s actually a matter of preference and fortunately we have many manufacturers out there who can cater to our varied preferences. To me, my Vandy/McIntosh set-up gives me a music hall type presentation emulating an almost live forum with correct layering, placement, soundstage and articulation which, with the type of music I most often listen to, is non-fatiguing and most enjoyable.

Over the years I have personally spoken with Mr. Vandersteen on two occasions and he was aware of the fact that I was using a MC 7270 and if it is an issue of his speakers not mating well with McIntosh he certainly kept it to himself and never mentioned it to me. Given his reputation, I would have thought that if he was concerned he would have taken the liberty of mentioning it or at least hinted that my set-up was not optimal, something he never did.

My dream and goal is to obtain a MC-402. Having heard this amp with the 3A’s in a show-room, I came away impressed, filled with goose bumps and convinced that, for me, this would be my dream combination. So, while you may think that “nobody” recommends Vandy’s and McIntosh this “somebody” certainly does.
Interestingly enough I had a pair of ancient modified MC-60's driving my Vandersteen 2C's in the early 90's and this comboover the Threshold S200 ss amp it replaced. Musically involving and never wanting, forgiving? yes, so what it didn't matter because I found that I wasn't wanting for more. Although it wasn't perfect it was quite satisfying. I lived with this combination for several years until I moved and had a different issue with the room which I couldn't resolve with any combo. A different room made the difference but it was to late, by that time the Vandy's were long gone.

I couldn't agree with G917 more, it most certainly is a matter of preference. I see no reason why this combo wouldn't work with a given personal preference.
A dealer in my area used to sell Vandy's and McIntosh and they sounded great together
I have a new pair of Vandersteen 2ce Signature II that are being driven by an old MC2100 and let me tell you, I t sound so musical and better staging. Vandersteen and Mac. seems to be made for each other.
Now I added one more MC 2100 and bothe are set o mono 210wpc (bridge) and let me tell you, the sound is just amazing , the two MC2100 really woke up the Vandersten, as in so much cleaner and detail, the bass is more deeper now. All I can say is that the Mac. and the Vandys. Are a perfect match
Who you calling nobody?

Mc 7150 two amps bi-wired to 3A sigs, sound wonderful and warm when fed through old school Mc PrePro. Feels like you are there.
The 7270 or 7300 are both very rugged amps. You should have no problem with either.
Recently purchased a new pair of 2ceSig II and plan to add a new MA6600 or Luxman 507u early next year.

Originally, I was thinking Bryston. However, I gotta have my tone controls.
Rugged. I like that terminology. Rarely do you see that word attributed to an amp. I like it...rugged.
I had the different, but still unpleasant reaction using MA6600 with Klipsch Cornwall III's, plenty of bass, but too bright, just when things got hoping, the horns would get over-driven. I ended up just using the MA6600 front end to drive a tube backend. (Luxman MB-3045) That synergy worked much better. Someday the Cornwall's will get swapped for B&W 805's.
UPDATE: I now change my McIntosh MC2100 (105wpc) to McIntosh MC601 monoblock (600watts) and a McIntosh C2300 tube preamp. It's jaw dropping, the Vandersteen really woke up significantly.
I noticed no one talked of pairing Vandersteen and Ayre. I personally like that combination.
I have Vandy 3A Sigs powered by McIntosh C42 & Mc501 monoblocs.Use the 4ohm taps on top,with 2 ohms to the bottom in combination with two stereo runs of Kimber 8VS speaker cable.I'm very pleased with the overall results.In my situation I find the choice of interconnects to be a huge determining factor in obtaining the preferred system sound.Currently using Signal Cable silver,but still looking for that synergistic match.Any suggestions from Mac owners are welcome.I contacted The Cable Company for their suggestions.They're all over the place with their recommendations.Now they say PAD Genesis(their only choice).Other times it's been Mit,Cardas,Alpha Core.Not sure what to make of these guys.
Denmaqn, I use Crystal clear Audio Cable for interconnect and get excellent result. Go to this site: http://crystalclearaudio.com/ and talk to Mel the owner 909-856-8153. You can also read on his excellent reviews. Highly recommended.
I think Lrsky probably hit it pretty well.

SOme combos are just not as likely to appeal as others.

ALso, I do not recall every seeing a dealer that actually carried both lines. I've seen may Mc dealers over teh years, and a couple vandy, including one local current, but never both together that I can recall for whatever reason, probably just chance.

Mc tends to be sold in more mainstream shops with some snob appeal whereas VAndy is more of a blue collar workhorse type line in general I would say.
When I owned Mac gear, I preferred "fast" cables like the Kimber (KCAG).or , for a much more expensive option, Stealth Indra. I found that Cardas, kubala and other cables that are not as fast but tend to reproduce great tonal characteristics were not as complementary IMHO.