Why not go wireless? (And how?)

With room correction getting more manageable, I am finally seriously contemplating a sub for two channel.

Some of the contenders, like Martin Logan and SVS, offer the possibility of wireless connection.

This seems very appealing in my space, although I remain a little suspicious.

The "run" would be about 15 ft.

To save everybody's time, I should say I am not a wire skeptic, and I think I can hear differences among cables.  Nevertheless, my investment in that part of my system is comparatively modest, and my investment in cable to the sub would be still more so (the equivalent of bluejeans, or entry level signal cable).

So: is wireless now a reasonable option for my sub connection?

And: what considerations contribute to better implementation of wireless?


Every time I bring up subwoofers of any kind my audio guy says REL. Advanced acoustic sensing, integration features, and exceptional performance for the money. I trust him completely, have known him over 20 years and compared notes on every thing. Although I would doubt wireless would come into the picture yet.
As someone who has been using wireless networks for decades, and bluetooth audio a great deal no.  Just skip it and go with wired.  Wireless is a toss up.  For some it works for a long time, for some it has problems from day one.  Wired is never ever like this.
So a while back, I bought the Velodyne wireless kit for my sub.  It worked well but no comparison to a wired connection.    Dont know if it was the gain of the adapter or if it really was linear through the FR it was sending but it did not deliver the slam in the 20 - 40 Hz area .
Surprised there are not more opinions on this, though not surprised opinions are negative.

Point taken, erik_squires -- wireless could easily induce stability issues that do not exist with a wired connection.  I'm a computer audio guy, but that sort of grief is an undeniable cost of introducing computers into the audio room.
I'll consider REL ghdprentice.  SVS & ML on list for value and ease of setup, which are key considerations for me.
Nobody else besides oddiofyl with experience implementing a wireless sub?
It will pick up all the nasties that audio cables are trying to eliminate.
The wireless technology is just not ready for high end audio, at least at this time.