why so many gryphon diablo 300 integrated for sale now?

I get it when many amplifier from big name companies are resold on audiogon because there are so many out there just weird recently began seeing 2 or 3 gryphon diablo integrated for sale here and on us audiomart (not same unit).....

Timing is funny because when I had the pass integrated was considering auditioning the gryphon diablo because thought the warmer sound might be better suited for my taste.....but none were avail used here to give a try......new was too pricey....

well now I love my pass monoblocks and now they can be find at very reasonable prices......I guess a good opportunity for someone else.....the chatter was they were giant killers but perhaps as most things here YMMV....audiophiles are a fickle bunch......well I am sure should make someone happy to get it...
Probably no reason other than coincidence.  When you see a situation like this it can be a mistake to think that there will always be a couple for sale.  When these are gone it could be a long while before another shows up, or not.
I own one.  Believe me, mine is a winner.  Unlikely that I will sell mine in the future, unless my wife and I go completely deaf!
The only situation in which I could see myself selling mine, other than financial disaster, is the opposite scenario where I become far, far more wealthy and can afford to move up the Gryphon chain. But these are the only scenarios that could cause me to sell mine. Oh yeah, and if my wife and I go completely deaf. Actually, just if I go deaf! As an aside to the OP: was playing OK Computer on repeat all through the night on my Diablo to continue burning it in. Karma Police (and other tracks) all sounded great. Every prior hifi system I’ve tested or owned has decimated this record to the point where it was so thin and harsh that it becomes unlistenable.  The Diablo somehow makes it incredible again.  
Never owned one or even heard one for that matter, did hear the big Gryphon system at Axpona this year and mighty impressed but as of today 4/21 there are 4 Diablo 300's for sale on Agon.
its weird because they seem well liked yet dont sell quickly here on audiogon....perhaps a bias against pricey integrated among some audiophiles who if gonna spend $10K prefer separates or if want integrated dont want spend more than $5K especially if its without DAC or Phono (unless spend even more for those modules)......the Phono module actually seems good value the DAC module for this seems is pricey........

At the time I was thinking about purchasing Gryphon Diablo 300 the cost of a used gryphon was 13K but for that money I was able to buy used Pass monoblocks 260.8 and a Pass XP12 preamp for same amount of money.....

I think used at $10K its a relative bargain and would have tried it out for sure.....
Actually only 3 Diablo 300’s now listed here. The fourth is a Diablo 250.

‘One other reason they may sell slowly in the second hand market 
Is the warranty does not transfer from the original owner in the US.  I don’t know about other sales locations around the world. If you buy one used in the US and it stops working, it will need to be fixed on your dime, not Gryphon’s.

‘Again, as I previously stated, mine is a keeper.
Yeah. People sell for various reasons. As for why no one buys so far, well, they are still very expensive or unreachable for many. Can you do SS separates for $10k that would outperform Diablo 300 ? I am not at all sure unless the equipment is quite old. Might depend on your system and taste, of course. There is old Gryphon preamp on usedaudiomart from Canada for about US $2500, so..if you can find some old Gryphon power amp for, say, $6k-$7k, then this might out perform Diablo 300. Other than Gryphon brand, well maybe some old Nagra and other Swiss electronics, maybe.
I know a few people that went from Gryphon 300 to either the Luxman 509 or 590 Models because they are warmer sounding. Some find the Gryphon to be Neutral to Dark sounding. Its all a matter of taste as always.
I am sure the Diablo 300 is outstanding product but you know how fickle a audiophile is.  About 10 years ago I owned a really top flight integrated that I totally enjoyed but kept thinking about the tube equipment that I no longer had. So I sold it  and went back to tube separates.  I now also have a 7 watt per channel tube integrated made by Sam Kim.  Mr Kim builds great sounding equipment and this one is a keeper.
Hit the nail on the head. I have a Diablo 300 and I’m wondering what the Luxman 509 will sound like in my system. 
I've got one that I absolutely love with its ability to throw absolutely MASSIVE 3D soundscapes, its tight and iron grip bass, and its super fast (but simultaneously liquid and musical) capabilities. I have to admit however that I've gone through thought exercises as to what would trigger selling it as currently funds allow and I've upgraded other aspects of my system such as moving to much larger Magicos - all things that trigger an across the board review of one's system. I have heard the Soulution 511 integrated in a system similar to my own which sounds surprisingly close to the Diablo but it's $32k - roughly $12k more and the Diablo, not as beautiful form factor and on paper the Diablo provides 2x the wattage of the Soulution into a 4 ohm load such as the Magicos. Soulution and Magico are commonly paired at trade shows so that still has me curious as to what it might be like in my own system - but not enough to actually make a move.  One reviewer has said that the Diablo is equivalent to $60k in separates and I have no reason to dispute that - it is a darned fine sounding amp+preamp+phono+DAC (with the optional modules). Currently, however, there are also some damned good individual amplifiers in that $50-60k range now that let's face it - it does get one's curiosity going especially when looking in the context of driving speakers in the near six-figure range. Does it violate some rule of Audiophilia that we should absolutely have separates when a system gets to a certain level? That's the crazy hobby we are in, right? Always second guessing ourselves and psyching ourselves out into trying new things after we've read a review or show report, even if those things are just different and not necessarily an improvement.
I own my Diablo 300 for 2 years now and it still satisfies me to the bone. What a wonderfull amplifier. The only question I have for myself is if I should have bought the DAC module with it. But parting from my Diablo, not likely!!! 
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Would work in recording studio?
i got a old system Macintosh 2300 and 4435 jbl
i wander if would  brings some type of improvement to the monitoring or even to the mixing stage 
@kredv i keep wondering the same thing! Now im thinking of replacing the chord qutest (set at 1v rms output) with the diablo 300 optional dac. Waiting for it to arrive to have a listen. Less connection w the internal dac may sound better technically? 
why so many gryphon diablo 300 integrated for sale now?
If they were there, there not now, they were all snapped up 

I know a few people that went from Gryphon 300 to either the Luxman 509 or 590 Models because they are warmer sounding. Some find the Gryphon to be Neutral to Dark sounding. Its all a matter of taste as always.
This doesn't make sense, "some find the Gryphon neutral to Dark" then selling it for something even darker (warmer)

Cheers George
Kerisabe, I have the Diablo 300 and the Chord MScaler and Hugo TT2.  I also paid $6K for the Gryphon DAC module.  And although I enjoyed the Gryphon DAC, I am currently running the Chord combo exclusively and loving it better.

Hope that helps?
Why are so many Diablo "s for sale ? Its simple, the credit card bill came the wife found out .So either the amp goes or the Harley Davis gotta go . If either goes expect too sleep on the couch . And duct take your hands .