Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.

Just curious to peoples experiences with current batch of Class D Integrated Amps available today.

I have been unimpressed with the offerings from NAD and find the Technics model's  lack soul. 

Trying to stay under $5,000.00

Thank you for any insight, recommendations. 




i have not personally heard the new technics stuff... i do agree that pretty nad class d is mediocre sonically, easily surpassed by other amps

i would suggest class d mini gan 5 on low end (a lot of amp, very good sound, for the very modest cost)

otherwise, consider devialet or agd on higher end... they are very very good

atmasphere another well reputed new entrant into higher end class d but i have not personally tried

I think the Devialet offerings are a hybrid design with great reviews.  They can be had used for just under your budget.

massive give-away here  <<<<---------------🙄

just remember that bargain shopping can lead to the most expensive purchases of all... 😉🤣

The latest batch doesn't necessarily equate to better, want is D class done correctly.. I have a Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 that I'm parting with that's close to your price range. Fantastic sounding D class, very close the the Aavik U300 it replaced. Read the reviews, there's a lot and they're stellar.

I have the Technics SU-G700M2 and it lacks for.....nothing. I have it paired with the matching SL-G700 SACD player and need not look anywhere else. Best sound I've had in my system.

Not lean or bright. Took a while for the SACD player to grow some hair (about 6 weeks) and the lower mids and bass out of my JBL 4319 monitors is rich, taut, full and detailed, complimenting the rest of the range. 

I have some of the most natural sounding music I've heard, so it must be system dependent. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

All the best,

Possibly of interest. Ralph discussing his Class D in 2022 with SF Audio Society.


@nonoise No sir never had it in my system just a demo at a local dealer and was so un impressed I had no interest in an in home audition. Was a complete Technics system, Speakers, Integrated and CD.

No rub just not for me.

@juanmanuelfangioii you stated "Looking for Class D Integrated Amps" after my post, was that in response? The S2 is an integrated D class amp


@waorwraith no no not at all. Some folks are making recommendations of  AGD and others that re power amps. Sorry for the confusion. 

I've not heard it (most haven't) but the forthcoming Rose RA180 looks interesting in the GAN class D category.

I realize the looks can be polarizing, and evil tone controls, but it looks to be an extremely flexible unit.

GaNfet technology is where it's at right now in class D, and there really aren't that many integrated amps that use GaNfets.  

If the Rogue Pharaoh is anything like their Spinx V3, it might be a very good choice. 

I’ve recently purchased a GoldNote PA-10 which touts some kind of a GaN architecture combined with class A (or resembling a class A) design. Not exactly a hybrid, still more “class D” overall. It sounds spectacular, even running out of my integrated through preamp out. Looking at getting a decent tube pre to accompany it. Maybe get another one and run them dual mono.

it’s a power amp, not integrated. But just wanted to advocate the great possibilities with GaN offerings. It’s tonally rich, balanced, great stage, and turned my speakers into super quick little monsters.


OP I saw you’re unimpressed with NAD but I’ve had the NAD M33 for a couple months now and feel it is very good. Especially given the price point.  That’s in comparison to my Bartók driving Mark Levinson 536 monos which I also have. 

No offense had several NAD units and they all went back with technical issues. M10, M32 and one other I do not recall the model.

Love the comparison of the 536 to the 33. Still not looking at NAD with their track record. 



@riccitone Had a PA-10  in a office system and it was okay would have liked trying them bridged in mono. 

@juanmanuelfangioii I have sold off my big heavy class AB amps. Besides the tube integrateds I have, I have now amassed a bench of Class D amps I am happy with. These include the AGD Audion monoblocks, and a pair of Jeff Rowland Model 125 amps that I run in bridged mode. Both are great. I am particularly impressed with the soundstage with the AGD Audions. IMO, Class D has arrived. Besides the sound, I also enjoy them being light weight. If you want to go more budget you can look at the Mytek Brooklyn Amp+ and the Orchard Audio GaN monoblocks. But I personally am not aware of any Class D integrateds amps. But I would be interested to learn of some. 

Look into PS Audio also. They introduced a Class D Integrated a few years ago.


I have a Primare i32 with the added streamer and I think it's great. The newer model is the i35 but they have two models below that that easily fit in your price range. 

I second the Jeff Rowland Design Group Continuum. Those are phenomenal integrated. You won’t find much better, especially in its price range. Look for a Continuum 500 or the S2. They are that good and beautiful to look at too!

I have an LSA Voyager GAN amp.  I have been very happy with it so far.  Clean and clear sounding without issues at this point. 

I am very happy with my NAD C298 pair of amps. I have them set to be monoblocks. 

Fast, clean, stunning stereo, lifelike voices, and exciting bass. 

They replaced a 40Kg Roksan class AB power amp of similar cost. 

I have the PS Audio M700's in my system which I am well happy with. On your budget the M1200's would fit. I've not heard them but all reviews seem positive and they will drive anything.

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A great, but lesser known choice would be Arion Audio. Owner and designer Mike K. is very skilled. His Amps are very clean sounding, dynamic and extended into the low and high ends of the spectrum.

I have been running his S500 stereo model for 2 years now without a hiccup. Runs pretty cool, too. Arion also makes monoblocks and tube/ class D hybrid amps. All are a great value, IMHO.



I am thrilled with my Marantz Model 30 integrated amp.  Stereophile has a nice review and is a "2021, 2022 Recommended Class A" ...  Now my setup includes an A/B switch  (One Little Bear) that allows me to select this Class D amp OR a Class A SET all tube Integrated AMP driving one pair of  Cornwall speakers (it can actually drive 2 pairs of speakers).  Best of both worlds !  Solid State AMPs are just so much more practical.

I love the Marantz Ruby integrated. It has enough soul that I don’t miss my tube amps, runs cool, has plenty of power and is very well built.  I think it lacks a little aesthetic bling but that’s my only gripe.  


Thanks for posting the magnificent session with Ralph Carsten from Atmasphere. Highly educational and genuinely audiophile. His argument for getting into Class D is profound.

High res digital offers much more dynamic nuance and bandwidth than traditional recordings and therefore needs faster amplifiers. The days of valve and Class A silicone amps may therefore well be numbered. In particular the GaNFET development is akin to a revolution.

@antigrunge2  My pleasure to post that video.

@atmasphere has a reputation for listening, sensitivity, and wonderful sounding tube amplifiers. So much solid state is just cranked out into the market without much evidence that they will be musical. The time and investment Ralph is making here is a sign that this is the future and that there is a path forward that will be up to audiophile's tastes and standards.


I know you said Class D, but there are some class AB amps out there in your price range. The Hegel H190 new ($4000) or the H390 used Are both terrific. I currently have the H390 and am very please with it.

All the best.



We have a streaming amplifier. Not quite what you would call "integrated". It is how ever a streamer, DAC, and amplifier all in one box.

Hello juanmanuelfangioii. I heartily recommend the Starke Sound AD4-320. I own seven of them! The are very reasonably priced. They are very flexible being 4 channel amps with built-in switching to operate as a stereo amp with over 300 wpc. They have both balanced and single ended inputs. I have five systems in my home and use the Starke amps with Magnepan LRS, Linkwitz LX521, Golden Ear BRX, Wharfdale, Shahanian Obelisk, and other fine speakers. I also own 2 sets of the PuriFi 200 wpc amps as used in the NAD and other brands. The Starke is slightly smoother on the high trebles and is nearly identical to the Elekit 8600 tube amp using 300B tubes (9 wpc). I encourage you to check them out.

How do the newer GaNfet technology amps compare to the NYPEX NC400, HYPEX NC500, HYPEX 1200 and PURIF Audio designed amps in terms of sound quality?


@curiousjim going to audition some Hegel Integrated when I get back from Canada or even while I am there. 

How do the newer GaNfet technology amps compare to the NYPEX NC400, HYPEX NC500, HYPEX 1200 and PURIF Audio designed amps in terms of sound quality?

Great question. Hope you guys in the know will share your insights on the difference, especially the Hypex NC500.

Yes please do!


How do the newer GaNfet technology amps compare to the NYPEX NC400, HYPEX NC500, HYPEX 1200 and PURIF Audio designed amps in terms of sound quality?

Great question. Hope you guys in the know will share your insights on the difference, especially the Hypex NC500.


Hey l just just recently heard great things about the Starke Sound AD4-320 class D amp

I went to their web page and for some reason l couldn't find that particular amp 

Have had the Cambridge Audio Evo 150 in house for a few months now.  Will do a review here very soon.  Bottom line:  thumbs up!

I got a used Devialet 220 Expert Pro for under 5,000 $.

This is an amazing amp . Fed with an Aurender and USB and using the SAM feature to extend low frequency response, it makes my Raidho X3 speakers sound so clean that you forget about them.

I'm no devotee of ASR, but anyone seriously considering Starke Sound should take a look over there.  Remember also that they really like a bunch of other class D amps.

I can only respond to what I know personally. I haven't heard other Class D Integrated Amps, but I own a Rogue Audio Pharaoh II. I've owned the Sphinx V1 and V2 and then moved up to the Cronus Magnum. Two months ago, I traded up to the Pharaoh II and can't say enough how good this amp is. Powerful, quick, completely black background, great soundstage with clean, strong highs, midrange and bass. I cannot be happier with the purchase, and you're well below your dollar threshold. You should at least demo this amp for yourself.