Wife is remodeling - spkr cable recommendation pls

My wife is remodeling the house. Works out OK for me, new plasma, HT stuff in family room. 2-channel has moved to another room. However, due to new set up, I now need 25' speaker cables from my MF A300 integrated to my B&W N-804's. Cables will run from closet location of electronics (new dedicated power line) through floor, across basement and up through floor again to speakers. Locating amp closer to speakers (or basement) not in the cards.

I had been using MIT Terminator 2 bi-wire and was reasonably happy though I haven't tried anything else (except Radio Shack 12 gauge from old lo-fi system). I was hoping to spend around $500 or less. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I also utilize a 25' speaker cable run due to the WAF. You don't see too many long cable runs on the used market, so when I pitched my Rat Shack stuff I replaced it with a set of Tara Labs Phase II from The Cable Co. at usedcable.com (Specials link). They cost around $200 and were drop shipped brand-new from Tara Labs. I am going to order another pair soon in order to bi-wire my Spendors.

I may also try out a pair of shotgun bi-wire cables from Signal Cable. I don't have personal experience with their products, but many people have said that they are excellent at their price point.

Like you, I can't justify spending more on wire at the moment...
Check out HCMAUDIO.COM. I justed pocked up some 26 foot runs of Audioquest GR8 for under $200.00 delivered. They have a lot of great deals on discontinued and closeout cables.
just a suggestion...

before paying major bucks for speaker cable for surrounds, you might want to just try going cheapo with monster wire (50ft $39.95) for the effect channels. the sound might suprise you, sometimes its easy to forget that something cheap can still work and sound good.

I dunno what your financial means are, if they are extremly comfortable and cost is no issue, then hey, why not huh? if you would like to save a few bucks, try it out, it might suprise you and work just fine for your HT needs. Use the real good stuff with the 2channel rig where it is most noticed and needed

case-in-point, my new get-by (long story) 2ch rig is a 5 year old denon amp, a 8 year old DBX pre-amp, some radioshack speakers and monsterwire with a DVD-a source. Sounded alot better tan i had expected it to. In fact, it was kinda freaky, it sounded WAY WAY better than i had expected.
gotta love those "heil tweeters" though.

gettin back in da game...
The monster cable idea is a good one. i also understand that Home Depot has highly regarded, not too expensive cable.
Since you'll be going in wall, I suggest you stay with CL4 (or is it CL3) rated wire. Check out the Kimber in wall at Audio Advisor. IMHO, you don't need top of the line cables for HT rear surround duty. Good Luck! Mike.
Guys, I think he's looking for cables for his 2-channel setup - not cables for rear surrounds.

Wstritt - If I were in your position I would take a look at Signal Cable. You should be able to get a good pair of shotgun bi-wire speaker cables at that length and still come in under your budget.

Good Luck!
Jetkitty is correct that I am looking for cables for the 2-channel but I appreciate everyone taking the time in any event. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I have a few more options to look at now that I hadn't thought about.