Wilson Audio Sabrina for Large Room?

If money were no object, I wouldn’t be asking this question. 
the Sabrinas are in budget, but will they work for a large room?

I have had Sabrina before in a medium room (14x30). I loved them. 
I have moved and now my system will be in the 18x24 living room with 12’ ceiling, but it is three walls and the back wall opens into the kitchen, adding another 16x24’, essentially.  
The Sabrinas would be about 12-13’ apart and listening would be 13- 14’ from the speakers.  
Q1: can the Sabrinas even hold a center image being 13’ apart?

Q2) can they be tilted (back, I think) enough via the spikes to get time alignment right at 13-14’ listening distance? 
Do any of you have Sabrinas in a large room, with a large listening triangle/distance?

Potentially helping, I’ll need to have the Sabrinas only about a foot or so max off the front wall (WAF)  

Could this work, or is it time to look for another speaker?



With only a foot, I don’t think you’ll get even remote what is possible from the Sabrina’s… wonderful,speakers but they need/deserve a proper setup

There is room size, and there is the listening triangle. Both are important. If you actually have to move them 13’ apart, then there are two strikes. If you can simply build a 9” or so triangle in your space then they may work. But I think having both a 13’ triangle and a huge space is going to require some very big speakers. 

Another thought, call Wilson themselves or one of their dealers. If a shop is a Wilson dealer they will have a setup specialist that can let you know their opinion.

Of course they will work. It depends on how far apart you place them and how close you sit. The deficiency will be in the low bass. This can be fixed with subwoofers but the wife may not like this. 

Thanks everyone.  You are sounding like the voices in my head I’ve been trying to ignore.  
I think I really need to consider a larger speaker, and one without a rear port.  
I think Focal Sopra 3 might be a better fit for the space. 
I’m also open to other ideas, but I do love the Wilson and Focal sounds. 
Thanks again!

I think they will be fine. The Sabrina needs boundary reinforcement to get low bass the the 1’ off the back wall might even help. 24” (from the driver) would be better and enough imo. 

in my second system I have a pair of Thiel 2.4s (same size as the Sabrina)in an even larger room than yours and they shake the walls with bass. It is about how far you sit from them. Try to get them closer together 10’ or less and sit as close as possible for tue room. 

Thanks for sharing your perspective, James633.  
keeping a little life in the Sabrina as a candidate.  

Quattro or a used pair of 5a, builtin subwoofers w 11 bands of EQ, time and phase alignment …..Vandersteen since 1977, Have fun