Wireless Ethernet Router Advice

Need some advice here.  Gonna take a plunge into streaming for a desktop office system.  The ethernet hard connection is on the basement level while the office system will be set up one floor above.  I would like to pair up the streaming device to a wireless ethdrnet bridge as my desktop music source.  Any advice would be appreciated about the type/brand of ethernet wireless bridge that you have experience with and could recommend.

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Get a Wifi analyzer for your PC or phone device to examine your Wifi environment. This will tell you how strong a signal you are getting as well as find unused channels. These are free.

Put your wifi router as high as you can. 

Use at least dual band routers because 5 GHz can really help avoid channel congestion. 

If your home is too big, consider mesh routers as a better solution.

I am using an Eero mesh network system to stream Roon with Qobuz to multiple zones very successfully. I use an eero extender with an ethernet cable for a couple of the zones.
I have heard that a mesh router is better than just an extender.  I'm in the same boat as you are.