Would It Be Possible To Get Help Finding This Song?


I have an “Off The Wall” question. I just happened to come across this T.V. show called “The Five” on the Fox Network. I think it was on Friday (06/09/23), but it may have been the Wednesday’s or Thursday’s show. Just after Greg Gutfeld finished his comments, they went to a commercial. They played a song and the male singer had the sound of “Simple Red” or “Chris de Burgh”. It was a very short sound clip with an aerial view of Times Square. I had the show recorded and I was going to use “Shazam” to see if I could identify the song, even thou it was a very short sound clip. Then by accident the show was deleted. It is now Tuesday and I have tried every “Keyword Search” to find this song!! The melody has been playing in my Head over & over (Ear Worm), but now it is starting to fade and it is getting harder to remember it. By a very, very slim chance, I listened to a lot of the “Simple Red” & “Chris de Burgh” Catalogs, knowing that it probably is not done by them at all. I really need to find this song!! As I mentioned this is “Off The Wall”, and not necessarily a question for all of you good people at Audiogon. I am a faithful reader and have seen similar questions on our forum. I am 65 years old and have listen to music everyday my whole life by streaming stations with all genres. I have heard this song through the years, but not very often. I don’t know if you have ever had a song that instantly caught your Ear? I know that I am not offering much for glues here.  If there would be the slightest chance that someone could help me out, I would very much appreciate it.  I am very sorry for this very long message all in the quest to find one song!!

Thank You So Much!!


Money$ Too Tight (To Mention) - Simply Red?

Any Lyrics? I’m lost without them ... for I’ve eighty-sixed all news media, personal choice.

You could try contacting the show directly.

Someone liked the song and went through the effort of finding and inserting the clip.  I'm sure they will appreciate your enthusiastic interest in their work.

Thank You dabel & jwei for such quick replies!! MoneyToo Tight (To Mention) - Simply Red is not it. I should have mentioned that it has a slower beat. I completely understand that you are fed up with all the news these days. I am at that point! Jwei, I appreciate the advice to contact the show directly. I might try to find some contact info for them.



Try looking at the 5 show page. Some shows list everything, including bumper music, which I think is what it's called. 

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Find out who the producer is or the producer's assistant is or someone of that nature who isn't too grand to speak to the public, find this person's contact information, and ask what the music was on such and such a date and time.

If you have a cable subscription, I'm assuming you do to watch Fox, you can access episodes on their website. Including last Friday's episode. You would watch the segment that has the music clip and Shazam it. 

Well, given the fact I’ve now taken one for the A-Team and as first Responder ... simply whom played ... whoo

Per your request, here’s thee "one" song you’ve been searching for OP

Jeru the Damaja - Tha BullSh$T



You need to give a few lyrics... even if they aren't right it would get us closer.

I once had a similar issue.  I forget the web site, maybe Wikipedia, but I Googled the TV show, located the episode, and there was a song list of music used for that episode, with artist names and song titles.  Start by Googling the 5, look for an episode list, and hopefully you will be able to identify the episode by it's summary.  Then check Wikipedia for the show and this episode.  You may have to drill down, way down, into the credits, but it ought to be there.

Another option to locate the song would be to listen to the podcasts of those 3 days(they do include the bumper music between "blocks"). Once you define and share with us the minute marker and day, might be easier to help you.

Go to IMDB, search for the film, programme or series. Select Cast & Crew (usually near bottom of page but they make it difficult to find). Music department, Music Supervisor. If the Five you are looking for is the Harlan Coben series the MS is Iain Cooke. He’s U.K. based and an extremely nice chap. Contact him through the U.K. branch of the Guild of Music Supervisors




Just after Greg Gutfeld finished his comments, they went to a commercial. They played a song and the male singer had the sound ........

It is not clear whether the song was part of the show or part of the commercial!

First, Thank You to all of you guys!! You did not have to take the time and effort to offer suggestions & advice. Yet, you did and I do appreciate it!!

I found the 06/09/23 episode and streamed it, On-Line. They cut out the “Bumper Music” and visual before the commercial. I assume that would be the case with the other dates I was thinking of. The music is in the show and not the commercial. I learned a new term, “Bumper Music”, so Thanks for that!

Hi, frankmc195! I was not able to pick-up the lyrics and now the melody has faded from my Head! But, as in the past with other songs, it might come back, I hope!

I can’t find any “On Demand” for “The Five” through Cable, to see if I can watch it, again. If they do offer that and I could find it, there might be a “Lag Time” before it is available.

This is really something, trying to find a song they you hear on the radio, TV, etc. I remember as a teen, I would hear something on the radio like a “Deep Cut” and at that time you had to get out the “Yellow Pages” and look up the radio station to try and ask the D.J. Also, we had an excellent local Record Shop. They would let you take a 45 out of the sleeve and they had a turntable you could Spin it on. The guys in the Record Shop were super friendly and would do anything to try and find it for you. I was 13 years old and these guys were older Hippies with long hair, yet they always took me seriously when it came to music. The Record Shop was a long ways from my house and I had to take a city bus to get there. But, it was worth it and a great way to spend a Saturday!!

Not always, but some of the “Old School” D.J.’s were so cool and would give you a great “Intro & Info’ before they played a song. I don’t care what they say about “AI”, it could never replace an actual D.J., a person with “Life Experiences” or a concert he went to before playing a song from the Band he had seen. We had local weekly radio shows, late on Saturday nights. Shows like “The Darkside”, “Space Headquarters”, etc. You never had any idea what they would play next because they knew what “Flow” was for a radio show!

I am very sorry for “Rambling On” (No Pun Intended) with this message! This message got away from me and I started “Reminiscing” (No Pun Intended)!

Now, with all this technology it is much easier to find an Artist or Song. But, so far this one has got away from me.

Again Thank You to all of you! I will continue to look for this song and try a few suggestions you have offered!

If I find it, for sure I will let you know! The funny thing is, what if I do hear the whole song and I am not real “Big” on it??

I did send a “DM” through Fox’s Facebook. Maybe they will reply!


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As per your inquiry, I’ll admit that’s a tough one. I’d love for someone to chime in and “Name that Tune.” I’d be like … Wowzers! But we’ve two Artists, a song thought to be covered, and a slow beat to go by.

Jeru the Damaja was purely laid down as (no pun intended). From a Album I’ve owned for many years that’s currently locked away, as in … it’ll be eighty-sixed one day.

Best of luck in your quest finding that “Tune”



Based on the show, and the network you were watching, I would have to conclude that the song you are looking for is a really good one.

Good luck finding it. If all else fails, send an email directed toward the producer of the show. If that fails, send a snail mail. You’d be surprised by how often a snail mail gets a response when an email won’t.

And hey, figure out what you did to accidentally delete the show, so it won’t happen again.

Hey, I did a bit of checking. They have The Five Full Episodes you can watch at their website including your dates in question. But I would be snappy about it, just in case.

Take out the spaces at the "dot" in the URL below and replace it with a real dot.

You'll need to specify your cable TV provider. 

https://www.foxnews dot com/category/shows/v-full-ep-the-five

Based on the show, and network you were watching, I would have to conclude that the song you are looking for is garbage. 

I expected someone to say something to this effect, congrats @fjship for being first.

Perhaps you meant "assume" and not "conclude"?     

I checked my deleted recordings and it wasn't there, and I looked online and they delete the fade ins and outs when they go to a commercial, sorry.


I completely understand that you are fed up with all the news these days. I am at that point!” 
If this is true, I’m afraid watching Fox News is not going to help.  
In far too many ways to mention.  

Maybe you could email someone at Fox News or find some online forum where Fox viewers are likely to be, ask the same question, perhaps that would be a more fertile ground for answers.  

I try my darndest to just catch at least one line or a couple lyrics in these situations. If I can’t immediately Google that tiny fragment of lyrics, I write ‘em down on the nearest piece of paper before I forget and stick it in my wallet for later. It usually works.  
I’ve nabbed many cool hitherto-unknown songs that way.  

I understand this doesn’t help you at all right now. I’m just relaying something that’s worked for me in the past in these situations, if that’s at all remotely helpful.

Thanks @macg19 for the well wishes! No assumption here, but there is an ass in “assume”  


con•clude | kan'klood I verb

  1. bring (something) to an end
  2. arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning

New Oxford American Dictionary


'Ear worms' are like 'moon worms'.....

...they just like to live inside your head until you finally get used to them, and fade.

Just to pop up later, 'situationally'... 😏

...too many times...

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If you're watching The Five....you don't deserve to know the name of the song !

Yeah, better watch "The View".


yeah, for me, FoxNews is not news but some form of entertainment from imaginary facts, but that has nothing to do with the song. When I hear a song, I memorize the lyrics and find it, there are decent sites to search

lol Amazing, someone asks for help finding a song, then all the libtardians crawl from the sewer ranting TDS delusions. 

@mbmi I saw your lame attempt at a vulgar, insulting post (disguised/misspelled) - did you delete that or an admin?

@tomagstereo7 there is a list of songs someone complied from Gutfield show on Facebook under greg gutfield page. If you or someone you know has Facebook, worth posting this question there


one of the fast growing problems on forums here lately is people’s inability to stay on track. No matter what the subject is. It’s a shame…


I can tell you why the OP watches FOX because it's the only news network that has even mentioned the FBI revealing the 1023 document to the House Oversight Committee, which proves that Biden and Hunter each received $5M EACH from Ukraine.


ALL other networks have been constantly licking their chops over the Trump Indictment.

@lordmelton nah. I’m sure it’s for the good tunes after Greg’s show. CNN has fake music. 
Alright now I’m guilty…

Kinda surprised there would be any watchers of that particular network on an audiophile website.Seems like a lot of work and expense to put together a system to listen to Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, should be able to find a cassette player or maybe even a 8 track for the Nugent on Ebay.

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Good one, astute reader … @bikeboy52.

Pile it on boys, here’s your chance. I’ve always said I’d liven this place up a bit, seek real hard and you shall find.

This thread has gone off the tracks and perhaps intentionally.  Do you really think that you elevate yourself by demeaning others?  

Elevate by ways of demeaning other members, absolutely not that was never my intent. Now, calling someone else’s bluff or a fake Moniker used in an attempt to sway others … yes, that I’m guilty of.




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I don't think you got your answer yet? Maybe here?  No guarantees expressed nor implied. The text editor won't allow me to paste the URL, so you'll have to splice it together. Use only the text INSIDE the quotes:  "  https://www.    foxnews     .com     /video/6329116109112  "  I think you still need to signup or privide details for a cable or streaming account. DM me if it doesn't work and I'll try to help you...