Would your system be different if ............?

Would your system be any different if nobody but you ever saw or heard it? Do you make concessions to others in your choices of audio gear? Possibly the WAF and the Friends AF? Or even Audiogon AF? What, if any, differences in your system would you make if it were totally anonymous to anyone but you?
I would...wait..I can't disclose that on audiogon. Just kidding. Actually I'm fortunate enough to have a dedicated room and a VERY accepting wife. The system is really for me, of course friends and family enjoy it regularly too.
Yes, in my younger days I factored in the status of my gear somewhat, to friends and family.

Then I grew up and no longer give a rats what others think of my gear. Most of the gear out there that people think is great, is pure audiophile equiptment. And to me, I find too much wrong with the sound of most components on the market today.

Not to bad mouth people and their listening prefernces, but two of the worst engineered products I've heard that audiophile's generally rave about are Thiel and Avalon speakers. And yet I can't make it thru one song with either brand.
TWL, your question: "Would your system be any different if nobody but you ever saw or heard it?"

The real questions:

(1) If a Soundlab falls in the living room and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

(2) If a Bose falls in the living room, why do you hear the sound of two hands clapping? Is it because a replacement speaker is eminent?
I would still have Bose and be happy :) I really want to believe this!! nah I don't.

I nearly felt prey to the esoteric amp syndrome, thinking of a Burmester, MBL, Cello or Gryphon amp but why?? service is a bit of an issue, maybe they are great but its kind of trophy hunting, I will be much happier with a more "normal" product(cough*BAT*cough). ~Tim
I've often taken the advice of those older and wiser than I. Usually the answers were in response to problems or issues I had, so I guess it would be different. Tom it's guys like you that push guys like me to the next level.