Wow. Just added the Lumin T2 to my set up...

Hi guys,
This post is apropos of nothing except that I have been struggling to get good bass and separation from my system... which ostensibly should have sounded great already. I started with the Hegel H390 running roon on a dedicated mac mini. These are paired with the new KLH Model 5s (which do punch above their weight) but I was getting rather thin, bright sound. So I upgraded many cables to the tune of $thousands. Each new cable brought incremental improvement (audible but not enough). Finally I sprung for the Lumin T2.
CRAZY improvement. I had to run it without connection to the H390 for a couple of days as I waited for my XLR cables so it was a little broken in. Finally listened to it yesterday and practically wept at the improvement.
In a nutshell, the bass is now well defined but appropriately deep when necessary. I can hear separation between instruments and between speakers. It feels like I discovered a new deeper dimension of music.
So, for everyone wondering about the T2, the answer is yes.
Love the Lumin T2 in the right system. Sounds like you have the right system!!
@fuzztone, I have tried the Raspi. It is a lot worse than Mac Mini. Sorry for bursting your bubble. 
I just bought a T2, it will be here today. I'll be back with a hundred questions, I expect, lol. This will be my first real streaming device, looks like I have a lot to learn.
@builder3 It is really true what they say... break it in for two weeks. I have been running mine to my amp (which is off) 24/7 for a week. The improvement is amazing. Going to keep it running for another 2 weeks as one poster said that it really needs 500 hours. 
The T2 is also my first streamer... I just decided to go big or go home :)
Looking forward to it. Fedex dropped the ball yesterday, so I don't have it yet, hopefully tomorrow.
I exaggerated a little, I had a cheap streamer for a few years, was okay for what it was, but it wasn't capable of running Tidal or anything like that.