Wynton Marsalis recommendations

I just a fantastic show by WM and his septet, what are some of his better recordings?
I was amazed when I saw him, too. He has one called something like "Thick in the South". I have a copy and like it quite a lot. I'm not sure on the title, though.
Despite it being an earlier digital recording, "Black Codes from the Underground" is one I return to again and again. "Standard Time Vol. 1" is also a good one, as is "Live from Blues Alley" (I believe that title is correct). Also check out "Trio Jeepy" by brother Branford.
I’ve seen Wynton and Branford live several times (together and separate), and agree that they are amazing. Of the many Marsalis family CDs in my collection, my favorites of Wynton are:

* Standard Time Vol. 3 (The Resolution Of Romance), in fact the entire ‘Standard Time’ series is great, but I think this is his best work, period. Good for relaxing.

* Standard Time Vol. 6 (Mr. Jelly Lord). A tribute to Jelly Roll Morton of course. Awesome sonics (big soundstage with brassy blats from everywhere). Great Dixieland fun.

* Joe Cool’s Blues. Alternating between Wynton’s Septet and his father’s (Ellis) trio, they have a go at Vince Guaraldi’s music from Peanuts’ fame. Ellis sticks close to the original tunes, while Wynton offers some new interpretations.

* Think of One. An early recording, might be hard to find. The title track is fantastic. In fact… this song, on vinyl, started me on the road toward a rather large jazz collection.
"popular songs The best of Wynton Marsalis" is a wonderful compilation of Marsalis' works, and "Live from Blues Alley," quietly is one of the greatest Jazz improv albums ever. Please Check out "Live from Blues Alley."
why go wynton?

watch Ken Burns Jazz and anybody Wynton dishes or ignores
gobble up their whole catalog

Mingus, Monk, Coltrane

it's much more lively and creative
than anything wynton ever did

sorry I just find Wynton hasn't contributed anything vital to jazz

and I live in new orleans

I saw Wynton play here in Lafayette, LA last week and he put on a fantasic show. I have most of the output form Mingus, Coltrane, Monk, Miles and most of the Blue Note catalog. Wynton was one who I have never explored. Audiotomb, where are good places in the NO area to puchase audio gear? No where in Lafayette to shop for audio gear.

Audio gear in New Orleans

Wilson Audio is best but pricey
the store isn't set up flashy but they know their stuff
and have been in business 30 years in town
Severn behind lakeside mall
ask for Chuck Kennedy

Audio Resource is a nice looking store but sells mostly home theatre

Alterman's is SOny Schlock

then again there is audiogon
if you know what you are looking for
these are the best deals