xlr splitter?

Does anyone have a solution, if I have only a single preamp xlr output and want to passively biwire into a 4 channel amp?

I want to keep xlr out to all 4 channels to make sure the amp gain is the same. The reason for trying this route is I have biwirable speakers.

I don't want to mix rca and xlr or the gain will be screwed up.

Any ideas?
Try it...those adaptors Tim linked you to are cheap enough to give it a shot. Technically, you will not get the best overall scenario. But, it depends what you want to do ultimately. SEE WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE.
if you want to control components and pigtail length, you can have one built at Redco

I think my neutrik/mogami set costs about $15 ea.
I am biamping with balanced interconnects but my amps have a switch on the back so only one cable is needed. If I switch amps and continue biamping I will construct my own cables. An easy task if you have any ability.
I don't think you'll find a 4-way xlr y-adapter available off-the-shelf. You could combine three 2-way adapters to provide a 4-way split, and there are several of those available at B&H Photo Video. Here is one.

However, keep in mind that the preamp will see a load impedance equal to the power amp's input impedance divided by four. That may produce degraded deep bass response if the preamp has a coupling capacitor at its output (such as tube preamps typically have), and/or an uneven frequency response generally, if the preamp's output impedance is higher than a small fraction of that reduced load impedance.

-- Al
Upon re-reading your question after submitting my previous response, I think you are saying that you only need a 2-way split, one 2-way split for each preamp output channel (left and right). In which case you can use any of the 2-way adapters that have been suggested, including the one I suggested which is available at B&H. And of course the load impedance seen by the preamp will be the power amp's input impedance divided by 2, not by 4.

-- Al
Purist Audio makes a splitter that you can plug into your pre amp out and convert to two outputs without any cables. If you want a custom made y cable splitter, call John at KCI.
Thanks for that tip Eldulcesol!

I'd previously posted this thread but still hadn't found a suitable XLR splitter. I experimented with my biamp setup using a set of one of the inexpensive splitter-cables you can buy on the Web, but they compromised the sound too much to keep in the system. And my reference interconnects weren't available in a custom Y-configuration.

But the Purists are just what I was looking for -- a splitter with no cable, just a one-piece, hard-wired Y-adapter. I don't think anybody else makes this kind of thing in XLR configuration from what I can tell. As you might expect they aren't cheap, but they're built to last, CNC-machined from solid blocks and fitted with Neutrik jacks. How many adapters have you ever seen that come with their own serial number and lifetime warranty card? (Look at it this way: They're still probably cheaper than getting a set of your preferred interconnects custom made in a Y-configuration.)

They fit perfectly and securely behind my Levinson 380S preamp, but did require a week of high-level signal break-in before achieving full transparency (interconnects hooked up between adapters and amps, power amps turned off, preamp volume turned all the way up, CDP set on repeat). However once I got through that period I don't think I could tell the difference in a blind bypass test, something I could never say about the inexpensive Y-cables. Highly recommended unique product, go to the Purist website and email Jim Aud for more info and a photo (these weren't listed or pictured on their website at the time I ordered).