Yamaha M 5000

Rated at 100 wpc, Class ab I believe.  Is it a high current design?

How would you describe its sound in less than three words?

Lovely looking but how good an amp will it be in the long run?

Anybody using one with a tube preamp and which pre would that be?  How did you arrive at the pairing you chose?



for this bargain lover, that’s a heck of a lot of money for 100 wpc,

if you get over the word ’receiver’, you could do very well with a Yamaha CR-2040, 120 wpc, more features, use it any way you want.


There’s usually a few available


I just got a CR-1040, 80wpc, easily replaced the readily available lights, it sounds terrific. My first Yamaha, they are very well made.


I like the sound as much as my Tandberg 2080 and liked both of them more than my McIntosh MC2250 dedicated 2 channel amp.

I would call it middle of the road for current. Comparable to a Luxman 507ux based on specifications and number of power transistors per channel.

While it doubles output power from 8 Ohms to 4 Ohms it is NOT rated below that. Honestly, not a concern for 85% of speaker owners. I’d call this a solid middle weight contender for current.


I just checked the price. I’d strongly suggest you consider a Luxman integrated as a better alternative. They have a fantastic preamp section, and less expensive.

Goes without saying that at these prices I'm expecting you to listen first and make up your own mind. :)

It reviews as strong effortless 100 wpc.  All you can do is audition it for yourself to check the fit.  Good luck to you.


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How would you describe its sound in less than three words?

😞 Nothing special.