Your favorite prog rock music? ?

I was just listening to, and burning some CDs for work when I heard "Time and a Word." I started thinking about some of the prog rock I have, but wondered what I should have that I don't have...

I mean music!
You really did it this time!!!!! I'll have to break my no buy music more resolution.......

What a nice thread, here doing the same guys, playing old friends again and let me tell you what a refreshing feeling.

Well I'm opening a new list for buying again This is FUN!!!
Yeah, let's outline the progressive playlist for tonight.
"Heart of the Sunrise"
"Carpet Crawlers"
"Thick as a Brick"
"Lark's Tongue in Aspic"
"Hero and Heroine"
and then top off the evening with "Kharma Chameleon". That works.