Zu DruidV's has anybody heard them?

Can you comment on their sound? I heard the Def.IV's, which I enjoyed. Can anyone tell me if their are tonal differences. Warmer, more detailed, etc.
I know the defs go deeper and are more dynamic.

I have owned the Druid V for 3 months and they continue to impress.
Very coherent, great in semi-near field (8') setup. I have listened to the Def IVs on several occasions and they are spectacular with their ability to energize a room and great bass response, but the Druid share much of the same tone and wonderful high end of the Def, and depending on the size of your space and wallet, the Druid V might be more suitable.
They play everything I throw at them from Fiona Apple to Joni Mitchell, and Manu Katche to Lighting Hopkins, and amaze with their ability to convey the artists uniqueness. So much better than Harbeth and AudioNote speakers I have owned.IMO.
Zu is a also a really good company to do business with!
I've owned the Druid V for a few months. It's taken a while for the drivers to break in, and they now sound awesome. Previously I owned the Druid IV, and enjoyed them a lot. However, the new Druid is a whole new animal, nothing other than a passing resemblance in the physical sense. In my room 15x11.5x9H, the Druids fill every inch with music, emotional, raw, and refined. I feel lucky to own them, and I can say that Sean and Gerrit are simply excellent to work with, and always willing to go the extra mile.
Thanks for the comments. Looking to purchase,once I sell my other speakers.
Anybody heard them with First Watt J2 or SIT-2 amps?
As the Druid V's are 16 ohms, they would likely be better suited for a tube amp with 16 Ohm taps. I recently taked to Sean and Zu and that is specifically what he told me. I do know that Sean is a huge fan of the Pass amps and I bet he would be able to answer your question better than anyone.

If anyone has compared the Druid to Def mkIII or MkIV's I would love to hear the comparison also. I'm a current DefIII owner and would love to compare the two.
I just spent this week with Def3, Def4, and Druid5. Also, SIT-1 amps were available in the mix. I have Druid5 & Def4 in my own systems and helped a friend set up his new Def3s. I'll pull together a full circle view of all this in the next day or two.

Thanks Phil. That sounds fantastic. I'm sure everyone will be excited to hear your comparisons:).
Interesting that the recent 6Moons preview of the Druid Vs mentioned that in conjunction with the Submission sub, they possibly outperform the Def4s. Most interested in Phil's take on this. Personally I couldn't be more happy with my 4s.
That will be great, Phil. I'm curious how things fall. The literature seems to imply the druid 5s might be finichy with placement and associated electronics, did you find this to be the case?
Will the Druid V you`re reviewing have the Duelund or some other upgraded capacitor or is it the stock version? Looking forward to your thoughts.Have you any revised impression of the First Watt S.I.T.-1 amplifiers?
Flattened by flu this week. Ears aren't sending good signal and brain isn't interpreting the little it's getting. Even Stax headphones sound like AM radio. This bug is an ugly beast. So I'm some days behind pulling together my Zu roundup with SIT-1s thrown in.

I would not give up either of my Audions for SIT-1s, is the net of that. But I'll give you more color when I revive.

Get well soon Phil. Your amplifier comments are very interesting given those who so strongly state the SIT amplifier is better than any SET amplifier. It is always a matter of priorities and taste.
Phil, long time no hear, 'no hear' being the operative phrase! Clear inner ears and sinuses are probably the greatest upgrade of all, don't you think? I mean what would you rather have, your hearing back, or a new component right now?
Please forward your findings on cap upgrades to the Def 4 tweeters in due course. It seems Sean at Zu is soon to offer choice of caps as upgrade options in future. As of present I'm investigating Duelund Cu VSF or CAST options. Would love your considered opinions.
Hey Phil,
Come on with your report, the suspense is killing us(smile).
Yes, Phil, if your hearing has returned. Can you confirm that the Zu Def4s, which share the same Radian tweeter, will benefit from the same cap upgrade that you deem works in the Druid. Or if this not likely to be the case.