Zu or Mark & Daniel

Since I cannot hear either of these speakers wondering if anyone had any insight on how these speakers compare. I am specifically looking at the Druid Credenza's or the Mark and Daniel Ruby/Topaz's.

Room is a 18 by 16 family room with 10 foot ceilings. There is a 8 foot opening on the left hand side that leads directly into the kitchen. I have a 74" long x 34" tall media credenza. Speakers would sit roughly 22" off the front wall all the way to the edge of the credenza.

Electronics are:
Amp - Virtue Audio 2 with 130 watt PSU
Preamp - Grant Fideilty Tube DAC
Technics SL1200mkII
Cambridge Audio Azur Phono Preamp
Apple TV

I listen mainly to electronic music, alternative and classical rock.

If I went with the Mark and Daniel I would set them up on auralex mopads.
My local Hi-end dealer carries the Mark & Daniel.I love them all.They will rock! He used to have the Zu Druid.I was not a big fan.
I suppose it depends on music style. I've not heard Mark & Daniel but I know Zu will sound like live music at close to live music volume and dynamic scale with an easy 12 ohm load and 15w or so. You will need a mini method sub to really fill in the lower end depending on listening habits........ I noticed 1 on A'gon today..... Awesome sub
Wow - you couldn't pick two more different speakers both in terms of sound and driveability.

The Ruby has very low sensitivity (around 84dB if memory serves me) and really needs a solid amplifier to bring out their best - staggering bass from such a small enclosure and a very forward, punchy and dynamic sound.

The Credenza has sensitivity of over 100dB and a less detailed presentation though also quite forward and very musical. They sound great with tube amplification requiring very little power to get them singing.

For the Virtue 2, for me it's no contest - the Zu's would definitely be the better match. If you had a more powerful amp - say 100 watts/8ohms minimum, then it would be a different story. For your music tastes, I think you'd really enjoy the power and drive of the M&D's.
Did you make a decision?

Personally, I have yet to hear a class-d amp sound great. No offense to Virtue, but I've heard very expensive Rotel ICE implementations and even if they are a little bit better, class-d is just fundamentally brainless. This is not necessarily bad, there are lots of playback setups that are brainless out there and class-d is a cheap way to drive them.

I also have found that Zus need more than flea power to drive them. You can get level, but they sound strained without 40W-60W.

Your Virtue would be eaten alive by a 84dB speaker. Credenzas will make the best of your amp. I would recommend a sub for sure with them though, esp. for electronic music. Actually, you should get 2 subs.