Zu speaker owners - do you have any gain issues?

I am thinking of trying out the Zu definitions at home on the no risk 60 day.
One thing I can't get my head around is with 60db in my phono stage, up to 20db in my pre amp, 27db in my amps and 101db in the speakers.
Will I have so much gain that I will barely be able to turn my volume control on before having too much volume or will these 101db speakers?.
Even at the moment with my cary pre and Vienna mahler speakers I barely get past 10am playing it LOUD.
I am think of trying out a set of consonance cyber 845's as an alternative - but I still feel the gain and loudness will be enormous.
Not a Zu owner, but I can assure you 101 db sensitivity will create the problem you anticipate. Ever noticed that SET amps seem to have low input sensitivity. Another issue to deal with, especially if you have tubes, is the noise threshold - be sure your stuff is dead quiet, especially if its high gain. A low gain and quiet pre amp (less than 12db) or a passive line stage (assuming you have a seperate phono pre) might work well for you.
Depending on the volume you listen at, yes normal volume on your knob might be a bit loud. These speakers sound loud.. The real issue is at a lower volume the front drivers will be a bit more than the bass driver on the back unless you have a huge room... They do intergrate better at higher volumes sometimes, or you need to turn up the plate amps more to listen with some impact at lower volume.

Part 2- it is possible you will not get to the sweet spot on your preamp without turning it up a bit, which is loud with these speakers, meaning if you want to open up the tube sound it might not be as good so low on the knob. If you listen at 10 o'clock now, honestly you will probably find that 1/4 volume or 9 o'clock or lower will be the new threshold. I only mention it cause some amps and preamps seem to find their best sound around Half gain 12 o'clock, you may or may not ever get there in this case, very hard to say until you try the speaker cause It has worked well with many combos in my case.
You could place an in-line attenuator between your pre-amp and amp. Rothwell sells a 10 db attenuator that would allow you more useful range from your volume control knob.

Disclaimer: I have never used an in-line attenuator, so I do not know anything about the sonic signature (if any) of such a device.


Hi Downunder,
What Cary preamp do you have? If you have SLP-98 then that is the issue. I had one before and it made a lot of noise when I turned the volume past 10. I suggest you may try a preamp with an excellent attenuator either mono or duo. That is why I have a preamp built with dual mono attenuators volume control. My preamp has about 36dB but I never got any noise or clip when crank it up to 2 o'clock. Good luck.
I look forward to hearing your home trial listening impressions. As for my rig: I have no problem with my SET at any volume concerning the bass. Yes, I do have a large listening room. From a whisper to ear bleed levels, the bass is beautifully integrated. Low volumes are particulary (especially with SET) detailed, full bodied, and transparent. Quite extraordinary.....peace, warren :)
No, you won't have any gain problems. I am running the VAC Phi 220 monoblock amps into my Definitions; 220 watts per side of tube power and they sound fantastic; I couldn't be happier with the sound. At lower volumes the speaker still sounds fantastic. This speaker can really get loud and not falter. The dynamics are the best I have heard; very coherent. The bass is incredible and the footprint of the cabinet small. However, please give them at least 400 hours to break in and spend a lot of time on the positioning. You won't want to toe them too much. Lastly, you must sit at least 10.5 ft from the front cones to have them sound their best.
Would if I could afford them go Cary new or used if 845but lot's of them.I was bummed one time when I had speakers from europe that I thought had 94db not match with beautifully built (and I hear under optimal coiddtiomns excellent sopijnd like Dehavillands) but couldn't get enough volume som mine wa reverse problem.But support and info on Odeon speakers ios so bad not even sure they were true 94db maybe closer to their 89 db bookshelf model 17 (which I also won.got great deals beacuse few dealers and reviews hear.But I am bored and interested in DFruids or monitors myself.Editor of 6moons replved his Avantegardes which I love with the $10K model so they must be pretydamn good but have a big cost/model gap between $2800 and $10K.Think if you can get local dealer to give you open box 30 day return on any 845 at same time would be great if you can swing it.All of us want to hear you give a follow up on the speaker and if you can do it with more thn one amp/power all the better for your brothers and sisters hean in 'Gonland.
This has never been my findings with hi-eff loudspeakers bet you will have no problems with gain.