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D’agostino integrated amp vs their amp and a tubed pre amp setup.
audiotroy i have no doubt that T+a is very fine gear. In terms of bettering the dag sonically i couldn’t know without hearing them both in my own system. also a reviewer is just a guy with an opinion. some are better than others.  
Audioquest DBS System
batteries are available on amazon, of course 
D’agostino integrated amp vs their amp and a tubed pre amp setup.
the dag progression integrated amp(18k) is extremely refined and powerful with the best midrange that i’ve ever heard in SS. If a bit softer/fuller tube like sound is what you’re looking for this would be a good place to start. see recent review i... 
Dcs Bartok without pre amp or going cheaper with pre amp
my experience w the bartok, which i own, is that for some reason i prefer it with a preamp. that said the dcs dacs are supposed to have great volume controls and the company encourages direct connection to an amp. fwiw 
Best rock song of all times
funeral for a friend 
Best Integrated Amp You Ever Heard?
The new Agostino progression integrated ampis pretty awesome. The Dartzeel CTH is a truly great integrated amp as long as you go single ended with the connections.  
For the Audiophile with a taste for good design(looks)....a question.
agree w vermonter. also most of the older generation krell’s. they were so unique and macho.virtually all ML gear has looked good to me. 
How old are you?
64. started the disease at age six with a cheap record player w speaker built in. probably cost $10. played elvis records.  
What did your system look like 30 years ago?
CJ PV5 preThreshold 50w ampSOTA TTKef 104.2’sMonster cable 
PayPal international protection
I think I’m hearing that buyer beware even using PayPal  
Hybrid Tube & SS
Personally IMO good solid state amps have no need for a tube preamp. The key word is good SS. If you want a more profound change using tubes, I think a tube amp has more impact than a tube preamp.  IMHO 
Does Anyone Think CD is Better Than Vinyl/Analog?
jim204. In agreement. Good digital is very satisfying to me.  
Speaker upgrade
Wilson’s with the latest soft dome tweeter are what you’d want in that brand. The DAW or Yvette bought used would probably fit your bill. However I would also take a listen to Magnepan if you have the room for them. I think 10k and downward would ... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
The channel classics Mozart piano concerto series has been immensely satisfying for many many years. great sound and music. fwiw 
Message from the Past: We were never against tone controls
I’m in on tone controls after 30 foolish years of rejection. I’ve discovered to my great disappointment that my hearing above 10k has diminished. A boost at 10k plus brings the shimmer back. Luxman offers this in a very high quality manner.