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Accuphase pricing Japan vs. USA
One thing about Accuphase. Unless something has changed the US importer opposes any selling out of territory. I doubt that a dealer in Boston can sell a unit to NYC customer. Maybe a current or prior Accuphase customer would be treated as an excep... 
is Hi-Res all that?
you have a point about a lot of great sounding recordings have no merit musically. we’ll have to disagree concerning the better the system the better poor recordings sound. totally disagree. a high resolution system in no way enhances bad recordin... 
is Hi-Res all that?
it’s about the music but the music is much more enjoyable when well recorded. i’m sorry that it irritates me to hear ‘great music’ that’s poorly recorded. no excuse for it. 
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
Dartzeel. Built to last forever so given this look for used units. The CTH 8550 integrated amp is a truly great product but it very much needs to be used single ended if you want the magic. They have a VERY short existence on the used market. Try ... 
Best integrated for my needs????
the luxman 509x is super sounding unit that would be at home in a very fine system.IMO 
Recommendation for a replacement speaker cable
My personal experience is that DH Labs punches way above its price point. It would not be the weak link in a lot of high end systems. imho 
is Hi-Res all that?
my experience is that virtually everything that i have as a cd is superior(for me) to anything that I listen to on qobuz whether hi rez or not. i like and use qobuz but i find it quite soft in the high frequency dept where i’m quite sensitive.sinc... 
What was in your first "real" higher end audio system?
CJ PV5Threshold Stasis 150SOTA Sapphire TTKEF 104.2’s(or 105’s)Monster Cableshould have stopped there. it was the real beginning with no end in sight after 40 yrs 
Best Shunyata Power Cord for.,,
in the end i replaced the aq7000 with an audience unit. in my home the noise it generated was too much to live with. aq said that it was due to certain factors related to my home’s wiring. my opinion of the hurricane is that it’s quite warm soundi... 
Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
Interesting situation. Auditions without a sale are just part of the business. The salesman’s job is to bond with the customer demonstrating the advantages of buying from him. A fee is absurd unless you can take them home for a few days. Even then... 
cost no object integrated amps
if i had your budget i’d look very hard at the Dag. if you stay with it you should be able to find a used one but they are rare. it will make the tubes vs ss argument superfluous. don’t know about remote control of balance. the new progression int... 
D'agostino amplifiers: where's the beef?
My experience with Dag has been exceptional. Dan took the phone on a call I made about a small issue. He was pure gentleman and fixed the situation immediately. Likewise the staff is very responsive and nice to deal with.All that said I love his p... 
Best amp for Wilson Sabrina
highend666... I have the dag integrated with Yvettes. Can’t imagine anyone would be unhappy with this combo. The dag is extremely smooth with the best midrange I’ve yet heard whether tube or SS. Also the final version is quite beautiful imo.  
Integrated amp suggestions.
The  Dag Progression integrated is the antithesis of cold, lean, bright or any other non musical term that one might use. Mesmerizing on vocals.  
Wilson Alexia 2
Please no Mcintosh. Agostino yes. The new integrated would be a very good fit. FWIW