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Cleaning Record Jackets
After naptha, there is a great product called Renaissance Wax. It is a micro polish plus wax that is used in the best museums for conservation. 
Stiffened poly outer sleeves?
Yeah Musicdoc, until you realize Bags Unlimited makes the body bags for our dead in Iraq. They have been in that line since the Civil War, cotton then, petrolium now, to make them that is. But I do buy from him. 
Help educate Analogue rookie
As you noted, immediacy is a big one. Detail is another. The good folks above are right; they are experienced, well informed and intelligent. From your point of view, I can lighten up a little. I guess you do not want distracting or diminishing le... 
Piano only...
Seconding Pragmatist on Art Tatum, yes, Evans also 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
A long time ago, you wrote that it was time to admit that you are part dog. You mentioned fleas, but my dog never gave me fleas. Only my friend's brother home from Africa and the Peace Corps (remember them?). So I lived for months with these monst... 
need info on phono pre......... CHEAP
I use that cartridge with The Black Cube to great effect. 
Watt Puppy 7s/Maxx 2s
Watt Puppy has become wildly overpriced. Also annoying is their re-negging on their forward compatability promise. Beware! 
Favorite Movie Soundtrack
The Choir, Brassed-off, Talk to Her 
Which musician retired too soon?
Alvin the Chipmunk 
LPs and allergies, anyone?
If you get a lot of rain, you may have stuff growing on some of your LPs. If you see something fungy, use the enzyme cleaner from Bugtussle. And then there's the new hepa-arm from Rockport for $89,000... 
How do I find out when my Koetsu was made?
The old ones are petrified 
LPs and allergies, anyone?
The problems are many, I'm afraid. First, they collect dust, rather, they attract it. Stuff percolates in that ever older mulm. A noxious garden blooms. The sleeves, contrary to the gentle Krusty2k's usually good suggestion, is that the sleeves/ba... 
any recomendations for 78 rpm TTs?
Vestax is a great variable speed tt. Far better than Dual or Thorens. I use the Shure for 78s. Amaze your friends! I got it from Raskins' Needle Doctor. Superior sound when you clean and then let Last preservative seep in. The immediacy and presen... 
Harry Shearer's 'Le Show' on NPR...
I agree NPR is too right wing, but Le Show gets more to the center. Harry has done some film work which you can search. He has a nice taste in music, narrow but worthwhile.Music cuts across all barriers, from the Nazi through the Soviet to Woodsto... 
Linn Sondek LP-12 happy/un-happy owners
Well, mine is only a 1978, which aint pretty. But it has gone through all the steps. Every five years it asks a tuning. I have heard better but I cannot spend so much. My new tone arm is wonder scary sublime.