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An observation about "Modern" classical music.
FIM / First Impression Music
Where are you in .Fr? I just discovered SanSeverino. I am going to check out FI. 
Newbee needs cartridge help
I second the Virtuoso Wood. Nice improvement over the metal body. Best MM unless your table will take to the top Grados. 
How many sealed LP's do you have?
About 50.Most are waiting for the right moment. Some are doubles, and a few I have in another format. Some I am keeping for a special audience with some bottles in the cellar. 
Best modern tonearm for AR ES-1
I second Jalanc. The Basik LVX is a fine match. 
Fix up my old AR or get a new table?
I guess the question really is, can you get better sound for $2000 than for what it costs for the AR. A nice cartridge and arm pretty much eats it already, table aside. 
Spanish Harlem, by Rebecca Pidgeon, The Raven
No piano player, no leg. I get a downstage and stage left "slap". 
What's your favorite Audiophile label, and why?
DG was never so good as Telefunken; but I love some of their performers. I think I have gotten the best out of Cisco, though only a dozen or so because their catalog is small. I like Hyperion and mourn Dorian. 
I've discovered the link to perfect sound
My father had Bozaks. I wanted the cabinets for their furniture quality alone. I have never seen their like again. He had Thorens, Marantz (purchased from Saul himself) and Fischer. I still have a thousand of his records. 801 was my first real spe... 
It's funny how records are still best.
Not much funny for me. Music has gotten lonlier as a hobby as an event and as part of culture. A magpie on my deck was singing beep and braaaak and other un-bird sounds. My fewer and fewer music listening guests stare at my LPs and have a hard tim... 
Radio interference on my phono stage
Yes, the foil works. I was joking about Tokyo Rose. 
Your Opinion
I am ok with your general drift. What disturbes me is that you seem a bit hot under the collar. Everybody in this forum knows that, for example, I am a blowhard with limited experience. They all slap the crap out of me and gently jerk me to reason... 
why felt?
Cornfed, sorry you are. Not felt-up, felt Mat. Nor he either you crazy pervert you... 
Radio interference on my phono stage
Ah the treacherous Tokyo Rose(wood) filling the airways! Yes, I have had the problem. And it gets worse with the night ionosphere. Can you tell what frequency is stepping on you? More than one? Moving solved my problem. Not meself, the table. I fi... 
Folks with large collections.....
You know, I already threw out all the CDs I did not like from the old days. Which is most of the 80's. I still have the Uchida because I remain smitten, but I have not had the heart to play on my new gear. Now I will. But I will say that my father...