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A true believer
No criticism regarding total cost, just a discussion about what would sound better.Speaker(A)+wire(W) that cost more than speaker. (A) + (W) = C for total cost.orSpeaker (B) that equals (C) + zip-cord (Z). Would that make the question:is (B+Z )>... 
A true believer
"long ago, in a different age, when men who were truth seekers ruled the world of audio, it was said that the perfect Amp would be a straight piece of wire with gain. Think about the im[plications of that statement. What does it say about WIRE?"I ... 
Any 5a owners?
5A's make music sound like music. Even with all their controls though, don't ignore experimenting with placement. I put mine, thanks to Zargon's advice, on some baking or cookie pans moving them inches and fraction of inches over many weeks before... 
A true believer
Roxy, I do think you can improve a system, somewhat, with wire. Oddly enough, it is one of the few things in audio where some of the less expensive ones make a bigger difference than the more expensive ones.Most products in our hobby increase in p... 
A true believer
Maybe it's just me but, I am pretty sure, no almost sure, no absolutely without question sure, that were I to take $93,631 dollars and put it into a very good cd player, a very very good integrated amp or pre amp and amps, and a pair of very, very... 
A true believer
Elizabeth,You're right. But, like I said, just saying. 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Janis Joplin and Big Brother at the Filmore West- I was working there and saw most of the concerts but, this one stood out for me.Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention with The Merry Pranksters- I drank the kool aid so of course it seemed good... 
What amp next for Vandersteens?
I tried quite a few amps with my Vandersteen 3As and my 5As and found that Audio Research was the best match. Look for a used vt 100, plenty of power for your 2s. 
Where will my powercables be used best ?
Try them on each piece of equipment and see if you hear a improvement over the stock cord. When you don't, see if you can get your money back. 
Wilson Watt Puppy, which version?
I agree with Narrod. I think that up until the Sasha, the 7 was the best Watt Puppy. 
Three best audiophile CD/LP in your collection
Roger Waters: "Amused To Death" LPJoan Baez: "Diamonds and Rust" LPJohn Lee Hooker: "Healer" LP 
Anybody with an expensive TT try this????
You must not have heard very many cartridges to ask this question. In a analog system they are like speakers when it comes to the differences in sound from one to another. Not to mention background or lack of background noise. Even pops and clicks... 
Shark Super steamer distance while steaming record
I use mine about 1" from the record while it is spinning on a VPI RCM. To alliviate your fears about warping the grooves on your records, steam across your open palm at different distances. You will be surprised to find it is not that hot. 
Hovland news
What a shame. Their preamp's are a great peice of audio gear in their price range. 
Audio Research PH7 versus Manley Steelhead ?
I had the Audio Research PH7 before I purchased the Manley Steelhead. The PH 7 is a fantastic phono amp, especially for the price. Mine was absolutely dead quiet and had all the gain I needed for my Lyra Titan cartridge, which has a very low outpu...