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true bookshelf speaker
Wilson Duet speaker is a true bookshelf speaker. 
Turntable Repair Service
We need more info. Where do live? 
Dual repair
Brooks Berdan Ltd in Monrovia. 
Treatments or therapy - what on earth.. funny
The rice and beans can be purchased through Machina Dynamica. Placement is critical.What looks like tiles are actually used to tune your sound. They are filled with a patented substance and then a coating made from compressed sugar is layered over... 
What is a good amp to pair with Hovland HP-100
I have a Hovland HP-100 and have tried it with the Radia, Theta Dreadnaught,Audio Research VT 100, and McIntosh 750. Personally, I liked it best with both the Audio Research and the McIntosh.I use a Lyra Titan cartridge, by the way, and the phono ... 
Mapleshade tweaks
I have their Samson V.2 rack and two 2 inch thick platforms, and one of their large 4 inch thick platforms for oversize TTs. First of all, let me say, that pictures in their catalog don't do them justice. The Maple is well aged and full of charact... 
Why vinyl?
Why vinyl? Very simple, everything about it is more fun and allows for more interaction between the listener and the source. Example, the album cover. It holds the record, same as a cd case but, can also be used in frames as wall art. I often read... 
Brag About Your Vinyl Collection
Roger Waters "Amused To Death", two copies, one never played. Original Decca "Espana", not the reissue. Doug Macleod's "Hard To Find", again, one opened, one put away. 8 different albums with R. Crumb designed covers, all in mint condition, all fr... 
Teres Audio Verus Direct Couples Motor, Anyone?
Dougdeacon, thanks for the explanation as to why you couldn't achieve speed stability. I guess that there are slight differences in the diameters of the various Teres platters. I believe we have the same TT, the 320. I must have been lucky with mine. 
Teres Audio Verus Direct Couples Motor, Anyone?
"Once you start playing your favourite LP, the platter speed slow down :) !!!!! "I guess I am really dense. Because, I don't get it. Why would the speed be different playing a LP rather than playing the strobe disc?You all seem to know what you ar... 
Teres Audio Verus Direct Couples Motor, Anyone?
Dougdeacon, help me out here. I have read many of your posts and you seem to be very knowledgeable about turntables and their setups.I am not grasping your explanation about the speed control. I followed the instructions Teres sent with the motor.... 
Teres Audio Verus Direct Couples Motor, Anyone?
I am surprised by your findings that the measured speed was inaccurate. In fact, I don't know how that can be since it has internal controls to set the speed using a strobe disc. I was able to get it dead on without any variance at all. However, I... 
Teres Audio Verus Direct Couples Motor, Anyone?
I switched, also. It is much more accurate than the belt was. 
Vinyl Catalog
File Maker comes with templates that make can easily be used for LPs. I took the one made for movies, did some minor mods and it works great. 
Give the new Kid Rock a shot.
Thanks for the heads up, Harris. I have been curious about this album. I saw Kid Rock sing a duet with Willie Nelson on TV once and have been hoping he would come out with some kind of country sound.Don't worry about the negative people here. I've...