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New Teres Direct Drive Motor Available as Option
My Verus motor arrived a week ago and I have yet to set it up. I didn't realize that I would need a strobe disc and light in order to do the set up. Which strobe disc and light should I order? 
Best short-lived band?
Five Non Blondes 
Will older films be produced on blu-ray or HD?
All movies that were originally film are capable of being digitalized into 1080 resolution. 
"new country" music recomendations please
Some very good reccomendations listed here. All are enjoyable country music. However, very, very few of the artists and albums listed are along the vein of Mary Gauthier. For one thing most of the suggestions are country western, not the same styl... 
"new country" music recomendations please
Mary Gauthier's album is indeed addictive. I keep the cd in my car and the vinyl gets played about once a week. I often tell people that it is country/blues. She really is in a league of her own. You might also like Greg Brown's "Slant 6 Mind". Wi... 
Mose Allison - anyone know a vinyl source?
Both Gemm and Musicstack has many albums listed. Here is the URL to the Gemm listings: 
Bob Dylan finally makes sense....
If benifiting monetarily for working is crass, then I guess everyone of us that work for a living instead of being a trust fund baby must be crass.I know that wasn't what was meant but, I don't know why people think that people with special talent... 
HDTV transmitter/antenna information
Have you considered getting your local HD broadcasts via Direct TV? Does away with the need for a seperate antenna. 
I have tweak phobia ??
Out of curiosity, what have you done to maximize your speaker placement and your room acoustics? 
What is the best redbook CD player for 6K to 8K?
Mac Mini plus a Wavelength Cosecant USB DAC. Investing in a CD player now is like buying a cassette player after the begining of the CD revolution. 
One-upsmanship, best cd transp/player $800
Audio only room furnishings?
With a 14' square room I think it is safe to say that at the very least you will need bass traps in all four corners and where the walls meet the ceiling.You would do well to contact both Real Traps and ASC Tube Traps. 
vandersteen 5a question
Clem7,So, you excanged the 3 or 4 inches of cable to Audioquest Sky? 
vandersteen 5a question
Good question. Even though it is just a couple of inches long I imagine that someone would have experimented with it. 
Vandersteen 2ce sigs? Beginner needs guidance.
The Vandy 2ce's sigs are such a great speaker that you may find that you never need to upgrade them, just the electronics in front of them as budget allows.