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Is advice from a constant upgrader to be avoided
@ebm why on earth is that your go to response? An urgent need to exercise your fingers? @mid-fi-crisis I seek opinions from all kinds. I especially want to hear from someone who has owned or owns a product I'm interested in. If they love it I wan... 
PC for Gryphon Diablo 300
@questforhifi not to stray too far off topic here but what are your thoughts on the Diablo 300? Thanks.  
Next upgrade?
If your happy with the sound of your system then dial it in a little more with room treatments. If you don't have them already try absorption at the first reflection points as a starting point.  
Days of Our Lives
Blue Monday - New Order  
blue light arround glass tube its risk?
@artemus_5  +1. That is one pretty tube to admire in a dark room.   
Replacement for current speakers suggestions
I feel for you my friend. I'm a bit younger but went through quad bypass a few years ago. I'm very lucky for sure. I think the Wharfdale's may be up your alley. I haven't heard them but the Lintons are getting great reviews with the attributes you... 
Two sets of binding posts on PS Audio M700 etc.
Some feel biwiring (not necessarily biamping) is advantageous which is when two sets of speaker cables are connected to the amplifier (hence dual sets of binding posts on the amp to facilitate it a little easier), and the other ends of the speaker... 
Garage Listing room
@millercarbon "See above- actually brags about following codes!" speaking of doing some research why don't you look up the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire in Highland Heights, Kentucky back in the 70's before the state of Kentucky had dedicated bu... 
Garage Listing room
Millercarbon, you truly have issues. Settle down before you look even more foolish.  
Garage Listing room
Same here @bkeske  You state the facts.  
Garage Listing room
In other words you're one of those people you specifically warn about.  
Looking for thoughts on Sonus Faber speakers
Dynaudio Contours might be a consideration for you.   
Garage Listing room
Without modification it's probably going to be a fairly dead sounding space due to all the exposed insulation. Are you willing to do modifications or would you need to use the space as-is?   
Class D amp recomendations please
I was over at my stereo buddy's place last night listening to his new Peachtree GaN400 amp with his Buchardt speakers. There was nothing about that amp that reminded me of the dry and thinner sounding class d amps of times gone by. Granted I only ... 
Wilson not delivering speakers as scheduled
@rok2id A couple of years ago I bought the Polk Lsim 703’s new for like 450 bucks since they were being discontinued. I had no need for them but just wanted to hear them. I sold those earlier this year so I don’t have them for direct comparison bu...