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DIY Replacing Components in Crossovers
Thanks Erik. Does Mundorf have a particular sound to them? Curious about "not to replace caps in parallel with the drivers." Is that less bang for the buck doing that?  
Selling off Tubes for Solid State, A Cooler Love Story?
I did the exact same thing j-wall. I have a Primaluna dialogue premium hp amplifier with 8 kt150 tubes and also found my 13 by 17 upstairs listening room getting very warm during the summer. After an hour or two the temperature rise in the room wa... 
Bridge II card PS audio.
While I haven’t made a direct comparison of the bridge II versus the bluesound node in my system I do have the Directstream with the bridge II and my buddy uses the bluesound node in his system. Without question I prefer the interface of the node ... 
How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
When is the water warm enough for me to take a comfortable shower? I guess you just know.  
Gratitude and Thanksgiving
nonoise, where did you find that picture of me?  
Listening to music I don’t particularly like
@4krowme "that doesn't make you bad person, right?" Of course not. But I think it would be more analogous to suggest someone watching a bad movie all the way through simply because of how good it looks on their tv, then rewatch it. To each his ow... 
Is advice from a constant upgrader to be avoided
My brother-in-law collects, trades, buys and sells cars pretty regularly. It's astonishing how many cars he's been through. Boy he has great advice on any number of those cars he's owned due to first hand experience with driving and repair. My mom... 
Listening to music I don’t particularly like
If I don't like something I tend not to listen to it at all. Now what I will do that I don't like is not listen to some music I really enjoy simply because it doesn't sound great on my system, or will only listen to in my car. We can be a strange ... 
The volume of my speakers going down by itself and going back again in a minute or two
My first inclination is there is an issue with the new to you preamp. If you have a spare pre try it and see if the problem goes away. If it does that at least narrows down the component. If indeed the preamp, and not knowing which specific audio ... 
Garage Listing room
@hiend2 "Going to bring in a set of speakers and amps and listen to someting fimilair, the room the system is in now are almost the same dimensions, will report" there you go. Listen and see what you have. Since you will still be using the space ... 
Is advice from a constant upgrader to be avoided
Standing slow clap @surfcat   
Adding an ignore list feature to audiogon
Love that diagram @mahgister   
PC for Gryphon Diablo 300
@questforhifi Good to hear. Sounds like a keeper for sure. I came so close to buying a used one about a month or so ago for sale in Tennessee but my index finger just couldn't commit to hitting the purchase button due to all the zeros in the price... 
Is advice from a constant upgrader to be avoided
Some of us really enjoy the journey. It's not about being unsatisfied, it's about trying new stuff with different combinations and having fun with it. Kind of like, you know, a hobby.   
Is advice from a constant upgrader to be avoided
@uncledemp +12,000