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One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
I think dealers like you mention are simply trying to find the business model that will keep their doors open and some money in their pockets. Clearly there are exceptions to all of this but as an audio hobbyist clearly that store isn’t going to b... 
Buying the right tool (aka gear) the first time...
Excellent responses on this thread. Keep in mind you can spend a lot of money on a piece of stereo equipment and not really care for its sound. You can also be floored by something that has no right sounding as good as it does for so little. Gener... 
Monitor Audio Gold 200 5g (newest current generation) vs Dynaudio Contour 20
I think you’re going to find those have pretty different sonic signatures. Monitor Audio with a little more high frequency energy and air (not at all bright) while the dyns being softer, smoother and warmer. Agree with above, if you can possibly h... 
Dynaudio Confidence C1 MKI treble
I think you're exactly right ryder. Horses for courses. I think the Dyn's just aren't my thing, though pretty darn close. 
That Other Audiophile Website
Yeah, what tubebuffer said, I think. 
That Other Audiophile Website
tominnj, seeing as how you have had bad experiences with cigarette smoke and you’ve never asked about it before your previous purchases do you think it might be a good idea to start asking about that with future purchases? Or do you want to contin... 
That Other Audiophile Website
Tominnj, it’s clear cigarette smoke is unacceptable to you and a real point of contention. It appears you’ve had this same issue on previous purchases. With this being such a high priority for you in used equipment selection do you ever ask a sell... 
Dynaudio Confidence C1 MKI treble
viethluu, I currently have two other pair of speakers with soft dome tweeters and have owned a number more. That's not the issue. Now what it might boil down to is I'm just not a fan of the Dynaudio sound. Could be as simple as that. 
Budget High Current Power Cords
GR Research power cables. Really nice and cost around $375 depending on length.  
How do you listen?
Alcohol helps. 
Who are the Stand Up Guy's and Gals in this Audio Industry?
Ty with Tyler Acoustics. Great guy with great products.  
That Other Audiophile Website
I purchased a CD player on this website a number of years ago with the same issue. Seller never stated it came from a smoke free home and I never asked. I learned my lesson. If that is the same as your condition I would suggest getting used to it,... 
Speaker Decision Paralysis (for large volume loft space)
Wow, the loft sounds like an amazing space but may be tricky for sound. With the glass and concrete floor (you didn’t mention wall surfaces but I can imagine they are hard surfaces as well) I would think it’s a relatively lively or perhaps cool so... 
Dynaudio Confidence C1 MKI treble
Thanks tanglewood. Bryston makes a lot of sense now that you mention it.  
Has anyone compared the Terminator Plus to the Holo Audio May (KTE edition)?
Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but here’s a direct comparison of the two.