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Dartzeel CTH 8550 experience
Hmmm. I have one I was thinking of selling, maybe I need to hook it back up again and rethink things... 
Tannoy Westminster in DFW?
Thanks Sam, hope all is well with you and yours! 
Tannoy Westminster in DFW?
Or really anywhere in the US.... 
Tannoy Westminster in DFW?
Thanks Jafant, why Audio Concepts? Their website doesn't show them as a dealer and I've been to their showroom in the past couple years and didn't see any Tannoy. Thanks again for assistance, Art 
Tannoy Westminster in DFW?
Yep, thanks. Finding Westminster at dealer or in the wild is challenging 
Tannoy Westminster in DFW?
Amp Recommendations for AZ Crescendo
I heard the Purity Audio 300B amp and Statement Preamp on the Crescendo and it was a fantastic setup! Big, warm, full and rich but still had nuance, terrific! 
Need advice on large room design
Again for Jeff, he did my room... 
Montana Speakers? Have they fizzled out?
NCore based (Merrill Audio) and H2O amps both sounded great on my WAS-2. Was with a tube preamp though, FWIW. 
Do Active Speakers Belong In A High End System?
I have active speakers that sound really good to me...not sure what qualifies as a "high end" system though....I think like anything there are probably very good and not as good implementations of them... 
Top 10 Alt-country bands
Jeffrey Foucault and Cold Satellite are a must ....Stripping Cane and Ghost Repeater would be the two places to begin... 
D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?
Guido, where are you in TX? 
Retailer in Austin, TX
Definitely ping John Prator at KCI Cable. Beside his cables he is quietly building out a nice lineup of products like Pass, Tidal and other top shelf offerings.... 
Replacing 6550s with KT 88s
I have 20 low hour cryo'd Winged C's. I went back to KT88 and much prefer them for overall warmth and sweetness. Are the Winged C's hard to find since the factory burned down? 
Bricasti M1 VS Wadia
Hi Jim, if Inpieces is in Texas I would also be interested in hearing the M1. I'm in Fort Worth. Best, Art