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What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
Alsyvox Botticelli’sheard them briefly in a massive room at 2019 RMAF. They filled that room completely. Magneplanar design but with grunt guts and extended bass. Like Maggies on steroids.  
Quality 1 meter RCA Interconnects under $100?
I have really liked Anticables entry level IC. Very clean with good bass and depth. They often have their level 2 offerings on sale on the clearance page on their website. 
List a Condition you know of that will produce Better Sound
Cool looking gear always sounds than ugly gear 
List a Condition you know of that will produce Better Sound
Cool looking gear always sounds than ugly gear 
Sopra 2 Bass
Hey there, one thing to make sure of. Make sure your node 2i  is t on “subwoofer” setting which is essentially a high pass filter which sends all the low frequencies to a sub. You probably don’t have this mistake but I made a month ago and was ver... 
What's your dream speaker?
Alsyvox Botticelli…. Heard them at RMAF in 2019 and for me they were the best in show. They were in a massive room with no subs. It’s like a top of the line Maggie but with bass and slamming dynamics.. pretty too!! 
Microphonic feedback?
Hey Cleeds,inpoint to the tubes as it doesn’t matter what source I am using, and this problem does no occur when I have my solid state gear in play. 
Microphonic feedback?
Thanks MC, I’ll order some to see if that’s the ticket. I also wonder about tube dampers...?? Any thoughts? 
I'm here for the sharing, not the snobery
@erik_squires Aaaaaaaaamen!!!I entered this forum to get advice and insights from those more knowledgeable. I found rather quickly it turns into insults, political comments, and name calling. Other forums are less like this and I now frequent them... 
Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com
Hey Calieng,I too ordered a Wilsenton amp, though a different model from China hi-fi. Their communication was absolutely terrible with me as well. Same issues. However, the amo did arrive as promised though with a heavy delivery fee (about $400 I ... 
Tinnitus sufferer: is it the speakers or the 24bits/192kHz
Hey Mocktenderi too have significant tinnitus and multiple speakers. I’ve found that my Maggie’s give me the fewest issues and my high efficiency speakers can trigger more problems. I agree with getting some tubes in the equation  
Looking for a black brushed mental bookshelf speaker
I might check out the Gallo Strata II’s. They like being close to walls. Set properly they will image like nobody’s business. The CDT tweeter is one of my favorites. They are spec’d to 65 hz, but I think that’s generous. Would pair very nicely wit... 
Why wont speaker companies publish their measurements?
Hey Kenjit,I know you get a ton of flack around here, but by the numbers you’re one of the most popular posters on this site.  
New Audiophile going crazy
Jj228,I am currently in your position. Keep it up. Stay strong, never give in.... and I’ve got  some gear you should totally buy 
Mickey Mouse Ears
I think this is why many thought Barack Obama was known as a good listener