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Subwoofer connection to a tube preamp
Y ou say that your pre has no sub out, but does it have a line out other than the main line out? If yes, I'd use that. If no, simply split each channel of the main line out w/a Y splitter. That way you'll have a stereo input at your sub. I've done... 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
Benny Rietveld -- currently w/Carlos Santana -- is capable of extremely effective bass playing. Plus, he just looks like a bada** playing. Some of you Miles fans might know of some of Rietveld's work w/him many years ago. 
where does Quicksilvers sonic signature fall in ?
I don't have that much Cary or BAT experience, but my QS Minis are very balanced sounding: Bass sounds neither dry nor bloated (but detailed), mids are a sheer pleasure and lean toward the warm side, and the highs are smooth and extended. I replac... 
terrible bass response / unevenness problem.
James makes good products, but I would also investigate REL. They are available at a good many hi-end shops as well as some Tweeter stores. I've heard the James and the RELs and prefer the latter. 
terrible bass response / unevenness problem.
Chances are, reducing the driver area from 12 to 10 will not cure this problem. I would begin by removing the sub from a corner, as this can make a big difference, and then reviewing the sub's manual to see what crossover points are available and ... 
Jumpers for Spendors
My intellect tells me that those thin mystery-metal jumpers should sound bad, but my ears tell me that they're indistinguishable from cables. And, I've done all the swaps, tests, etc. 
Other than the SOUND, what do you love the most?
Nothing like the smell of input transformers in the morning . . . seriously, it's an amp turn-on. (Is there a group out there that is more disturbed than us?) 
tube into tube into mo'tubes
My experience w/direct CD connect has been not so great, as I have gotten grain and a general "not of one piece" effect. I would recommend looking at a neutral tube amp (Quicksilver Line Stage, AI L1/M3) before going down the very slippery and oft... 
Advice on stand alone DAC
You might want to look at a used Bel Canto DAC 1, 1.1, or 2. Good value and great product. 
how to get rid of video noise on my plasma????
Jensen Transformer makes an in-line isolator that I have used to get rid of video ground loops. Good luck. 
Plinius 9200 with Spendor s8e?
I think you are simply getting used to Spendor's version of tonal accuracy, hence the treble being "rolled off." Remember that the frequencies at which finger cymbals and hi-hat taps reside, if too dominant in a speaker's balance, can lead to seri... 
Future of this hobby?
This is a great post. As most Americans continue to value flash and convenience over substance and fidelity, this hobby will likely continue to shrink. I am 31 and have been in this hobby for 16 years, but my friends look at me like I'm an alien i... 
Plinius 9200 with Spendor s8e?
Honestly, what you have now is a killer combination, and I would think long and hard about replacing anything . . . unless the sound is just fundamentally wrong. I think the S8e's sound better with tubes, as their bass is naturally accurate (no ne... 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Lifeson, Earl Slick, Knopfler, and Chet Atkins -- all incredible. 
Best Concert Film
I second Aggielaw's pick for Rush Live in Rio. This DVD is addictive, and I have yet to get over Alex's performances. If all DVDs could be this good.