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Gallo Reference 3 vs. Spendor S8 vs. Harbeth Super
I auditioned the S8's for several days back when they first hit US retailers, and my first impression was that they were unforgiving on less than perfect CDs. To balance that out, however, their bass was spot on -- deep and dynamic -- and they ima... 
Best speakers for Classical music under 10k used
I've heard a lot of live small-scale and large-scale orchestral/classical music, and when I return home from a performance I often head straight to my rig for a comparison. I own Spendor Classics, and I'm always amazed at how close they sound to t... 
Looking for speaker suggestions
I had a pair of Paradigm floorstanders that I drove w/NAD, and this was one of the most satisfying systems I've put together.You might want to look at a pair of good used Studios. 
Verity Audio Tamino - Smooth?
I changed from a pair of ML Aerius i's to Spendor SP2/3s, and I've never looked back. Though the MLs were just plain cool as all get out, I never could connect to my tunes. The Spendors just rule. 
Spendor S3/5 standard vs “SE” version????
The SE version uses the Classic Series' Scan-Speak tweeter, a very fine driver also used by ProAc. The S3/5 I believe uses a Vifa that to my ears is brighter (I own SP2/3s and have heard the S3/5 in my system). 
Spendor S3 vs S3/5 or S3/1p
I have never heard of the S3. If it's not on Spendor's website, I doubt it exists. 
Remedy for Spendor sub 60Hz deficiency?
I own a pair and have them mated to a REL Strata III. The sound is very integrated, and they just rock out on everything. 
Spendor SP 2/3 Amplifier Load
Thanks for this helpful info, gentlemen. I am extremely fortunate to have a QS dealer w/i 2 hours of home, so I will definitely audition before buying. 
Need help with rel or velodyne subwoofer for ster
I simply run a L and R interconnect from my preamp's "Pre Out" RCAs to the "Lo Level" inputs on the REL. The REL then gives you the ability to blend the sound to your main speakers via crossover frequency, polarity, and volume controls. With the R... 
Need help with rel or velodyne subwoofer for ster
The hi-level connections utilize both channels, and having owned REL for 4 years I have the opposite view on the hi vs low debate. In my system and room, the pre-out connection provides a tighter, more tuneful and integrated sound. Don't rely on R... 
Spendor S8e vs. Sonus Faber Grand Piano
I've heard both of these speakers in my system and felt that the Spendor, while open and dynamic w/excellent bass, was a bit unkind to digital sources. (The new S series departs from the Spendor Classic series' Scan-Speak D2010s, and this is most ... 
Cambridge Audio 640C... I want to upgrade
If you can find a CAL DX1 in good condition, buy it ASAP. It's been my good ol' standby for 10 years, and it beats most gear hands down in terms of long-term listening pleasure. Cheers. 
SVS vs. Velodyne?
I recently installed a pair of the big SVS's in a customer's dedicated theatre and agree w/Dlwask that they have a very dominate sound -- too dominate for my tastes. My recommendation is Velodyne or, better yet, a used REL Strata w/the black finis... 
Speaker Recommendations
I tell everyone to listen to Spendor Classic loudspeakers. Your room might pair well w/the SP 2/3s or SP 1/2s. They will compel you to listen -- and keep listening. 
What numbers are important in SS amps specs
The number of times your foot taps the floor listening to it -- i.e. none!