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Help me shorten my list...
I've heard the Aerial 6s being driven by a Cary 80-watt and thought they sounded very very good. I, too, would 86 the 703. 
Tape heads
I agree with Codygrayland. Fawley's magnetic principle states that the screwdriver's tangent point increases the chance for a charge, so the concrete, which is inherently an antiferritic mineral substance, should do the trick. Good luck! 
Newbie looking for system suggestions
Yes, Steve, you've stumbled into a scary website. My suggestion is to find a store that specializes in hi-end audio and begin listening to just speaker/sub combos in the 4,000 range. Decide what speaker/sub combo you think sounds best and then mat... 
Break-in for Resolution Audio Opus 21.
I don't own this amp. However, I experienced something similar w/ my tube amps. The amps were great w/the demo drivers (GE) but unlistenable (gritty, flat, harsh) w/the supplied generic Chinese drivers. Upon swapping out the driver tubes, the amps... 
Audio Physics ...Bright or forward?
I agree w/Jeff-- if you have doubts now, chances are you'll have doubts later. IMHO, a speaker should let you know unequivocally whether it's for you. 
Bulk cable for 40 ft. runs
I would go w/a 12ga generic cable for long runs -- no need to pay for Kimber/Canare etc. in an application like this. 
Help I've Been Robbed
NAD! It's the coolest and best-sounding value gear, and he'll love it. 
The song you just cant stop playing???
Bowie's version of Wild is the Wind (live off of BBC studio concert series). I simply never get tired of it. 
Jolida 302B/502B?
I would try to hear both the 3/5 and 3/1 in your room for a comparison. My suspicion is that the 3/1 will have more bass warmth but will be very similar in terms of treble response, as they use the same Scan-Speak tweeter. I've had the 3/1 and the... 
Can a monitor sound like a floorstander??
You're on the right track by looking at Monitor 40s. You might also look at similar speakers- Spendor 1/2s, Spendor SP2/3s, Harbeth HP5s, ATCs, etc. Speakers of these designs can provide the weight of floorstanders and the imaging and air of monit... 
An observation about "Modern" classical music.
Aaaah, it's refreshing to see a thread about the substance of our hobby as opposed to the hardware of our hobby. I've been an avid classical music listener for years and continue to believe that people enjoy music that follows a few basic rules:1.... 
What components would you take to a desert island?
Enough, people! 
Help on finding an in wall center speaker
B&W sells a ton of their in-wall speakers: I've heard them and they sound good to me. You might also check out Polk'n new amplified in-walls as well as RBH's line (pricier but also much more dynamic w/higher power handling ability). 
Burn in the cable
Don't waste your money on any of the break-in products, as, technically, cables "break in" every time they receive current. 
What's your chair ?
Good question: Mine is an old maple rocking chair that my mom rocked me in as a baby. Hmmm -- music, childhood, bliss: Is there a connection somewhere?