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Solid states more accurate than tubes?
No system or listening environment is going to be totally accurate, so why not go with what you enjoy listening to the most. What do you really have to prove? great speakers increase in value over time in the vintage market?
The Dunlavy's still have a following. After going to multiple audio shows, I'm still quite content with mine in multiple systems. 
Recommendations for fast sounding cables
Audio Magic has been doing silver cables the right way for a long time. 
Big source improvement using CD player
I have been tweaking CDs for years and (if well recorded) CDs can sound awfully good. Recently starting to embrace the whole 'streaming thing' and I have to admit it has opened a whole new world of music and video. One thing I have discovered earl... 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
No experience with the Audioquest cable, but can vouch for the Kimber 8TC being a very neutral/definitive choice. 
Do these woofers look right on these Dunlavys IVA's?
I have the Dunlavy IVs and they have the same appearance and are amazing in the application I'm using them for. My woofers seem somewhat shinier though. Makes we wonder if they have some dust on them. 
streaming source
I would like to complement everyone who has responded to this thread. Usually you have put up with a lot of &%+?*. Audiophiles sharing valid  opinions and experiences is what this forum should be about!  
Religious music for less than devout
If you're streaming on any of the services like 'Pandora' go to Contemporary Christian, Gospel Bluegrass or an artist like Michael W. Smith or Avalon. I don't like everything, but I consistently find 'thumbs up' songs that are interesting and well... 
Need help replacing my beloved Magnepan....
My first actual audiophile system included the Magneplanar Tympany 1Bs. Loved those speakers, but had to sell due to space limitations as well. Went through a number of iterations and finally settled on the Dunlavy lineup. Some of the speakers are... 
Tweaks - An Honest Discussion
There are a lot of great tweaks. There are also a lot of doubters. My advice is to try this one inexpensive tweak: Ayre's 'Irrational But Efficacious' System Enhancement Disc. If this doesn't cause a serious paradigm shift, then nothing will. 
Disappointing On
Have tried multiple times to appreciate McIntosh gear. Paired with Klipsch K-Horns bad, with B&Ws bad, with Martin Logans really bad. The only demo I have heard that I thought was half decent was McIntosh tube gear with Magnepans.Just telling ... 
Why Do Schumann Resonators Work?
Discussions are endless on these units, but one think is certain. If properly installed they make an amazing positive improvement to systems that already are functioning at a high level. One of the best tweaks ever.  
Free to Good Homes
Very nice gesture. Wish we had more generous and sincere audiophiles rather than those who offer only their 'half-witted' responses that we see so often. 
Mapleshade...where's the love?
I bought a handful of the Mapleshade CDs and not single one is worth listening to. There are a great many amazing CDs available (out there) which absolutely puts Mapleshade to shame. I have used several of there products such as brass spikes, heav... 
Dunlavy resurrection?
I'm probably one of the biggest fans ever of the Dunlavy speaker line up. I own almost every model that was produced. I've had to do some maintenance on some of the units, but for the most part they have given me years of nothing but listening ple...