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Canary Audio Preapms
I have not heard the C900 but have been listening to a CA-906 and love it. Very smooth and detail. It just sounds good. 
Any good Audio Stores in San Diego
thanks everyone 
Class A amplifiers - which are considered the best
The best Class A amp or any amp for that matter is the one you like best. What I like in an amp most likely will be something different than what you like. You can take people suggestions but only you can tell what is the best. This is like asking... 
Meridian Sooloos or Qsonix? which is better?
IMHO the Sooloos has the best interface. I have not found anything that comes close. If I had to rate them I would go Sooloos first and the Qsonix second. To me what makes the Sooloos is the ability to cross reference music. It really is going to ... 
New Magico Speaker the Q3
34K will begin shipping in Spring 2011. 
Should Equalizers make a comeback?
Aberyclar, I will answer your question with a question. Do you want to listen to music the way you want to listen to it or the way you think the engineer who cut the CD/Album want you to listen to it? I don't own an EQ but my choice is the first o... 
Speaker audition: a novice’s journey
Neal1502 if the dealer doesn't want to assist you with buying the right speaker you need to go to another dealer. Doesn't seem like this dealer provided much value. 
Is this the biggest HT system ever?
Wow talk about a lot of gear. 
Stereophile claims about Magico
Wow reading some of these responses makes me wonder. Is the Magico V3 the new Wilson WP? You know the speaker everyone "hates" but everyone want to build one like it? My point is if you don't like the speaker fine, buy something else. This is why ... 
Esoteric G-ORb Master Clocks in general
It just seems that having the transport clock to the DAC would be the perfect thing since the idea of jitter is to have both units working together. But like everything else we must use our ears and let them decide. 
Cello Audio Palette/EQ
Ramy, Can you let me have Cell Germany contact info? Thanks... 
Cello Audio Palette/EQ
Thanks McFarland and Ramy for your comments. Yes I would love to have an Audio Palette as I have tons of recordings that doesn't sound good, but I love the artist and material. Will look at the Accuphase as well. 
Upgrade LP12 or buy new VPI?
Thanks for the update Jody. 
Upgrade old LP12 or buy a new table??
As I sure you know auditioning turntables is not an easy thing to do these days. I have heard some and so far the VPI Super Scout sounds quite nice. My target range is about 5K. 
Upgrade LP12 or buy new VPI?
Egrady, You are the second person to recommend Basis. I will have to look into them.