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Record collecting versus hoarding
I have about 800 LPS and 600 cd / sacd/ dvd-a And I have a one year rotation threw the LPS. The rotation works for me to rediscover forgotten records. But I do long for the 70s when I could get my min and arms around 60 or so.  
How good does my system have to be to realize an improvement with cables?
To the question asked my reply is very modest  system. On my second system a pair of elac speakers and a denon receiver one could hear a speaker cable swap.  
Analog Upgrade itch
This hobby will have you chasing your ass forever. Something about the hole in our soul that will keep us searching.  
How can I tell a B&W 804D (series 1) from a 804D2
Is the dust cover (bullet) on the midrange driver silver (D2) or black (D1)  
Bob Seger live albums
They rereleased this just last year and it's pretty good. I'm sure it is a digital sourced LP      
Creedence on vinyl
Big fan of the ccr. I have the OG's and the fantasy label did them all very well. Analogue would be better I would think.I have heard many of their lp's but,none of their CCR releases. Cosmos factory hands down best album.    
MoFi controversy
Fill the same as aberyclark Once you tell the lie and know that it's going to produce fooled buyers how can we trust MOFI again.  
Krell anticipator circuits of the 1990s
ksa 80 from 1991 never been serviced. Brings it everyday. So much power it scares me.  
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Dads monkey wards console 1969,high school pioneer hpm-100. Now with wife 1992 magnepan,then thiel,then B&W 703.    
Power cords: Kimber Kable Palladium
Have owned the pk 10 and 14 for years. Love them and feel the description  would be quit, refined and smooth.  
I want to move from Rega Planar 6 help me to pick a new turntable
I own and love my p3 rega ....... but my next table is a VPI for the same reason.  
Tweaks, money pit or real value?
Someone explain to me the science behind speaker wire elevation devises.    
Solid State Phono Stages
musical surroundings phenomena II plus with linear charging power supply. This combo sounds much better than it's price would suggest. See Herbs report in stereophile  
Cartridge Loading for a phono pre amp
Also ... with an output of 1.1 you might start at 52 db of gain.  
"A song for you" album 1272