Responses from bsmith

What's Your Favorite Vinyl That Never Made It To CD or Digital?
Roadmaster ... a local Indianapolis band  
Best double live vinyl?
Live bullet ... Bob Seger  
Anti-skate problem with Rega RB303 tonearm
I own it and have done the research to death. Pull the slider all the way to you (front of table). Even though this is NO anti skating the rega is STILL doing some antiskating.  
Klipsch Forte IV ... what amp ?
Low watt class A ... Pass audio labs 25 or 30 watts  
Best double studio vinyl?
Chicago .. their first album  
1 piece of audio gear I really regret selling is..
adcom GDA Was a dac with pcm 63 chip. NATIVE 16/44 decode never got better,  
Whats playing on your system today?
songs in the key of life ... no artist required right?  
Kansas band
No luck on google or wick. Production details like this are not available.  
"Best" 80's HiFi System
i had conrad johnson tube preamp adcom 200 wpc magnavox cd player magnapan three panel # IV  
What was the most impactful addition to your system?
1983 nakamichi tape 1985 a subwoofer 1993 tube preamp 2005 B&W speakers 2007 krell class A amp 2010 Rega turntable 2021 moving coil cartridge ¬†  
Inexpensive Headphone DAC
AKG -HP 12U ... china but,really built. 
What are your top three live concerts of all time?
Bob seger indianapolis 1976 ... it definds me 
Speaker cable recommendation
I love the kimber 8tc .. my system is krell class A rega,B&W. 
Should I buy a Class A Amp.
I have had a KSA80 for ten years and if it cost¬† seven million dollars to recap I would rob a bank .. what ever it took. 
Recommendations for IC and speaker cable
I own krell and B&W and have found kimber 8tc speaker wire and kimber hero IC to work really well.