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Inna gadda da Vida long version
17:05 long .. my first album i ever bought in the summer of 1972.The album is from 1968.The Rhino cd is the digital to own.The original lp is THE way to here it. 
Albums you can listen too all the way through and it's all good
Kansas ... almost allGrand funk ... e plurbulis 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
sacd of the doors hits.... im breaking on threw to the other side 
Redbook Keeps Surprising
someone explain to me why cd's sound better to me than the file of that cd. 
The next step to a better system
if your turntable is on the same floor has your speakers ,,,, fix that now ! (wall mount) 
CD players that make for a great transport
denon 370 changer ......  i have tried many and found this be the one. 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
me and mrs jones 
Krell vs Parasound
ksa 80 owner here.All things work together but,with krell pre and B&W speakers all wired with kimber.I have work with many combos for many years to get this magic. 
Need Recommendations for SS amp for 2 ohm load
oldie but goodie krell ksa 
What is the best Beatle Song
day in the life 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
rega p3-24 
Best rock song of all times
Born to be wild....da 
Vote for best US made solid state amp
I have a krell ksa 80 that after a long warm up of say 4 hours turns into a time and space travel portal machine. 
Your First System
It was 1973 I was 14, pioneer amp pioneer turntable radio shack speakers 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
chicagos fist album a 180 gram from rhino.