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All time favorite speaker cables
between a krell ksa 80 and b&w 703 i have fallen in love with kimber 8tc.When i say in love i mean that i have shaved my head sold all my possession and now live at the kimber parking lot. 
speaker cables between Pass and Penaudio
dont know the speakers but that amp might work with kimber 
Intregrated Amp for Thiel 2.4 s
2.3 Owner here.KST 100wpc Krell working really well with melos tube pre. 
What are you powering your Martin Logans with????
Krell kst 100 .Smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth 
Anyone Switch from Electrostatic/Planar to Dynamic
maggies to accoustats to logans to thiel.For rock tweeter and woofer in a box is the way to go. 
NAD takes on the Krell Beast 1800 vs 6700??
Synergy,synergy,synergy.The nad worked with those speakers,wire combo.The krell would win with say.Martin logan,straight wire combo.Thats my rig and I have had the nad.The krell I am using is a KST 100.I had a ksa 50 that did not "work" well with ... 
Krell KST 100 amplifiers
I to have martin logan and a kst 100.I found the bright logan and the smooth krell to be a good match.Unlike the other review we have read.Mine has been reliable.