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MHZS CD player
Don't take this as rude, but - why do you care? It's a Chinese-made CD player. Why do you need to know the specific source? If you really need to know, I guess Pacific Valve can tell you. I haven't heard the MHZS players, but they are highly revie... 
Best power conditioning under 400 bucks
No - the wiremold strip does not offer isolation between the outlets, but I wouldn't worry about it. Just worry about the sound. If it sounds great, do you really care? If you love the AR1p and demand the additional isolation, you can sell it for ... 
Stand Recommendation
Fritz makes great stuff. Don't skimp on the stands. They act as part of the speaker and are instrumental in obtaining a good sound. IMO, find a pair of the 4-post Target MR stands and be done with it so you can really enjoy your new speakers. 
Linn LP 12
Honesty is important, but so is skill. 
Best power conditioning under 400 bucks
Plug a $50 Wiremold strip into an AR1p and enjoy. Amazingly good. I'm now using an AR6 and, while I haven't compared the two systems head to head, my aural memory tells me the AR1p/wiremold didn't give up much to the AR6. 
After some upgrades, where is the weak link
How about a good record player? That will give you something to occupy your spare time. I have no problem with CDs, but I think anyone looking for audio satisfaction should also consider vinyl to compliment their CD collection. You may realize tha... 
Linn LP 12
The Linn is purchased piece by piece - the plinth, the baseboard, the power supply, the arm. Unless you know how to set them up, I would strongly advise you have secured the services of someone who knows how. People with the requisite skill are no... 
Monitors on Short Stands
Here's the address for the stands. I don't think A'gon permits links, so you'll have to cut and paste. 
Monitors on Short Stands
Mapleshade makes a stand like you describe - called the "Bedrock". The low stance increases the bass response, but the speaker is suspended off the platform by brass fitting and a large cone in front so the mids and treble are less muddied than if... 
CD Mats -- do they work? Are they dangerous?
I'm not sure they're all voodoo. There are several companies - Esoteric, Electrocompaniet and maybe others, who feel that clamping the full surface of the disc is a better way to go than just in the center. So, from a mechanical standpoint, the CD... 
Cheap Plater dust cover
What brand of pizza is it? 
New DAC Not a Dramatic Improvement?
What CDs are you using as a benchmark? If you're using some super-compressed commercial recording, you may not have any additional resolution to gain. I bought a reissue of the Vanilla Fudge record on Sundazed and it sounded no better than a CD. T... 
Rega P3-24 or RB301 anti-skating bias
I haven't adjusted my Rega arm in a long time (some audiophile I am!) but as I recall, the adjustment is backwards from what you would think - all the way OUT is off. Try starting from the full off position and see what happens. If the arm seems t... 
Tonearm for rega Planar 3
Some prefer the Rega RB250 to the RB300. Less money too. I agree in that I wouldn't start screwing around with non-Rega arms on a Rega table. You may start getting into issues with the depth of the other arm, or the wiring may bind up for some rea... 
Ayon CD-2 sonics? thoughts? opinions?
So - I'm anxious to hear the review on the CD-2. Aggielaw, let's hear it.